Socialised Medicine at its finest

Well, this is what we wanted, we don't want to pay for any of it, we want the free healthcare, it's supposed to be a human right and all that. Oh well, there you go then folks, take a ticket and start waiting, it's "free", they never said anything about it being timely though.
The hospitals crisis has widened, with claims a toddler with a severe head injury was forced to wait five hours for treatment at Liverpool hospital. Howard Williams said his 15-month-old son George was forced to wait alongside at least 45 other sick patients after being taken to Liverpool's emergency department around 7.30 last night. Mr Williams said he was shocked by what he saw. "The place was just full," he said. "There were people sitting out on the curb.
It was really just shocking. "There's just no reason for a 15-month-old baby to be sitting out in a waiting room for five hours." The claim follows relevations that seven patients were forced to wait for eight hours for an inpatient bed at Royal North Shore Hospital the night Jana Horska miscarried. It has been revealed that 43 patients had been in the emergency department that night all 28 acute beds full. An inquiry into the hospital will be launched today. LiveNews.
Time to ditch this thing folks, we have to start taking some responsibility for ourselves, I'm not saying those who can't afford it be thrown out onto the scrap heap, but those of us who can afford to, need to start paying for it. Bloody two dollars if we have to, anything is better than just zero. Do without the pie and chips and beers after work if you have to, drink less wine or eat less or don't watch that movie or something. You might think it's your human right to free healthcare, but it's not my obligation to pay your way.

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