Of pots and kettles

Gordon Brown suffered a double blow last night after it became clear that Tony Blair thinks he is making a hash of running the country – and a new opinion poll shows that the voters agree. Senior Labour sources say that Mr Blair believes his successor has made the same mistake as former US Vice-President Al Gore, who lost to George Bush in the 2000 Presidential election after disowning his old boss Bill Clinton. A former Minister close to Mr Blair told The Mail on Sunday: 'When Gordon became PM, Tony put their differences to one side and was willing him to succeed.

'He was delighted that he started out so well but feels he has lost his way. 'Tony believes Gordon has gone much too far in trying to distance himself from New Labour's ten years in office. It is where Al Gore went wrong and is playing into the Tories' hands.' Mr Blair's damning verdict on the Prime Minister comes as a new BPIX opinion poll for The Mail on Sunday shows the Tories racing into a four-point lead over Labour. The new figures mark an astonishing 11-point turnaround in the fortunes of Mr Brown and David Cameron. The Conservatives are now on 41 points with Labour on 37. The transformation comes after Mr Brown's General Election U-turn and Mr Cameron's pledge to slash inheritance tax. Daily Mail.

Some would say, the turnaround is due to Gordon Brown's lack of ability in spin, what we commoners call 'telling lies' or when we're feeling generous, 'forgetting to tell the truth'.

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