Ain't the British taxpayer great

Closed-circuit TV cameras supposed to catch violent thugs have been trained on roads instead - to trap and fine motorists who stray into bus lanes. A Home Office study of Britain's 4.2million CCTV cameras also revealed they are not proving much help to the police in collaring criminals. More than eight out of ten of the cameras - the UK has the largest number in the world - do not provide satisfactory images for officers to use.

In many cases, a suspect can be recognised only if police already know who they are. Also, very few cameras are positioned in a place that would tackle terrorism, or spot reconnaissance missions by fanatics. But, despite the lack of success, officials are still considering the case for even more cameras [Guess who's going to pay for that!!]. Councils, which run CCTV control rooms, can choose where they target their cameras - even though, when they were paid for, the intention was to cut street crime. Daily Mail.

Failed asylum seekers are to be offered up to £4,000 to go home voluntarily, it was revealed yesterday. But the proposals were last night attacked as an act of desperation by a Government failing to clear a backlog of 400,000 cases. The deal includes money for housing, childcare fees and even help setting up a business. There is also a cash payment of £500 at the airport. The total budget for the scheme - to be met by the taxpayer - is £22million a year, officials said. Daily Mail.

Click here to read about why I think their criminal justice system or whatever it's called should be renamed because it's letting them down as well. The bitter fruits of Tony Blair's legacy perhaps.

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