Death penalty - Bring it back

Apparently the ALP (Australia's Federal Opposition) are in a bit of a kerfuffle over the death penalty issue again, it would appear no one in the ALP is allowed to have a personal opinion. Everyone has to toe the line with the dear leader Kevin Rudd, use the same toothpaste, wear the same clothes, the same slogans. It's a one man show folks, all that talk about diversity, different backgrounds and what not is BS, a firm hand is what they get, toe the line or else. But it's still very confusing to me, first they tell us, they're opposed to the death penalty, but it's OK for the Bali bombers to be killed, because they are not Aussies, but now that a foreign scumbag has been executed, it seems they're against that again. Maybe they'll qualify it further by saying, it's OK for foreign scumbags to be killed but not for our nationals to help the process along.
Daily Telegraph - "I'll have to admit that even when I saw him wallowing in his own blood and excrement I felt no remorse or pity, only relief. "There was no other way of stopping him.'' Despite previously toeing the Labor party line, Colonel [Mike] Kelly said he had no regrets about executing Gutaale. Colonel Kelly was given the task of re-establishing justice in Baidoa city, in south-central Somalia and said he had no regrets about frog-marching Gutaale, who was found guilty of 31 counts of murder and was responsible for thousands of other deaths, to his execution.
You can oppose killing convicted murderers and sit back and enjoy your latte and feel all warm and fuzzy and pat yourself on the back thinking, how nice am I? You can say, don't kill them, we are civilized now, so just throw the bastard in jail and never let him out. That's well and good over here in Australia if it's applied, but out there in Somalia, there is no status quo, your robes, wig and gavel don't count for squat. Over there, what rules is the gun, is your AK loaded, oh ok, yes sir, no sir, three bags coming up, if he was allowed to live, there are no guarantees he wouldn't be freed one day to resume the work of his dark master.
Major Kelly told the newspaper he personally wrestled and handcuffed Gutaale and handed him over to police. Gutaale was shot dead minutes later. "Before I left Australia I had my own views on capital punishment. I was leaning fairly heavily towards the negative side,'' Colonel Kelly said. "But the death of Gutaale was far more than an execution following a criminal conviction; it was more an act of communal self-defence. "If I was moved in any way, it was seeing Gutaale's mother in the court. She was concerned and upset but, having sat through countless statements from people who had suffered from what he had done, I couldn't have any sympathy for him.''
Again, principles mean nothing to evil, you can issue orders from across the seas in the land of that funny hopping animal, but if you don't confront evil and make an example of it, people pay with their lives. You have to get that son of bitch, stick your gun to his head, then make sure all the other upstart sons of bitches are watching and you pull that trigger and once he's on the ground you put a few more into his body and then tell them to throw his corpse to the pigs and vultures. Having said that, this is not what Mike Kelly did, he just made sure the bastard wasn't late for his appointment.
He said that, without Australia's interference, genocideat Gutaale's hands would have continued. The Sunday Telegraph attempted to contact Dr Kelly several times yesterday but he did not return any calls. A Labor Party spokesman said Colonel Kelly had never supported capital punishment. "It was a personal observation about his feelings following an event that happened a long time ago in Africa,'' he said. "We absolutely follows Labor's position on capital punishment - there is no contradiction at all.''
Most of you know how I feel about leftists, can't stand them, but I gotta tell you, Colonel Mike Kelly is talking a lot of sense, so good on him. Thank you Colonel Kelly, you did the world a favor, you did not let evil triumph, God knows it usually does so I'll take any victory, however small. You'd think they'd want to parade him around for the good that he did, not hide him away and make statements on his behalf, perhaps they wanted that murderer spared. For once Kevin Rudd, shut your trap, let the man speak and let him have his opinion, doesn't mean you have to start executing scumbags, I know how much leftists hate that, just shut up and stand by your mates, this once.

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