Are Unions running the show or what?

Unionists, where, come on sing it with me, no, no Unions, no Unions. It's all just Howard's scare tactics, told you it would be the mother of all negative campaigns. Move along folks, nothing to see here, or is there?
Dumped federal Labor MP Gavan O'Connor is to run as an independent against the man who beat him in an ALP preselection battle in the Victorian seat of Corio. Mr O'Connor, a former Labor frontbencher, has held the Geelong seat for 14 years, but was dumped after an ALP preselection struggle in March in favour of unionist Richard Marles. Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd says he is 100 per cent behind Mr Marles, an ACTU assistant secretary from Labor's right wing.

Prime Minister John Howard said Mr O'Connor's story proved the Liberal Party's point about the link between trade unions and the Labor party. "This is the latest example of how former trade union officials have muscled out long-serving Labor party members," Mr Howard said while campaigning on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. Mr Marles was disappointed that Mr O'Connor had decided to run against him. "The only winner in this (Mr O'Connor's choice to stand) is John Howard and the Liberal Party," Mr Marles said, a solicitor who has been a unionist since 1994.
Come on Mr. Rudd, who's running the show here, you keep telling us it's all just scarce tactics and Howard's negative campaign kicking into gear, if that's the case, then put your boot to the ass of Mr Marles. Otherwise we'll have to draw our own conclusions.

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