Gay divorce!!

What a bunch of conniving, weaseling ratbags!! They'll do anything, to get the same rights as heterosexuals, if they're denied gay marriage, then they'll be angling for gay divorce. To get Gay marriage allowed, they'll say it's got nothing to do with children, once that's passed, they'll be angling for parental rights, then it'll be divorce, multiple parents... slippery slope folks, never take your eyes off them and their leftist allies.
A lesbian couple married in Massachusetts should have the same right as heterosexual couples to divorce in their home state of Rhode Island, lawyers for the women told the state's highest court today. Cassandra Ormiston and Margaret Chambers were married in 2004 after same-sex "marriage" became legal in Massachusetts. Last year, the couple filed for divorce in Rhode Island.
Rhode Island law is silent on the legality of same-sex "marriages." If the women can't divorce in Rhode Island, their lawyers said the only legal avenue available to them would be for at least one to move to Massachusetts and live there long enough to obtain a divorce. "It is an absolutely unfair burden," Ormiston said outside Rhode Island's Supreme Court. "It is a burden no one else is asked to bear, and it is something I will not do." Washington Times.
Have a tissue dear, back when you got married, you took vows, to remain married, you're not supposed to be planning to divorce in a few years time to use that as a way to push your political agenda back home. Because if they allow divorce in Rhode Island, you can bet your backside, there will be other such lawyered-up activists waiting in the wings to sue saying, how you can you allow gay divorce and not gay marriage. You want to get divorced, go back to Massachusetts dear. Consider it a hard lesson on why you shouldn't have gotten married in the first place.

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