Move along folks, no bias here..

Yeah, no bias at all folks, teachers are not shoving their loony leftist politics down the throats of their students, oh no, where would you get that idea from you nasty, negative Conservative haters, how dare you suggest such a thing.
LiveNews - Kevin Rudd’s visit to a Melbourne school has prompted a near riot, with teenagers chanting his name and creating mayhem for the Labor leader. Mr Rudd was given a welcome like a rock star by the YouTube generation as he visited a TAFE school in Melbourne south east. They chanted his name, called out ‘Kevin 07’ and mobbed the beaming Labor leader, frequently dragging him into their classrooms.
Oh my... Kevin07, such a pretty boy he is, all the girls throwing their panties at him, the metrosexuals want to be him, with his shiny, golden, conditioned hair and his slogans and his cuticles are just divine. I think he uses that new conditioner from Elvive, the one with the sea-algae extract, oh he's just sooo worth it. Oh my, what a star and hero he is, talking about revolutions, the future, climate change, all those big questions and he has all the answers, isn't the world beautiful and the flowers so pretty, just need to banish that ogre with his uni-brow. Can you believe in him, in this day and age, doesn't look like he plucks or waxes, huff-puff, he really could use a bit of the queer eye./sarcasm

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