Creepy Kevni (Part II)

That metal on metal sound you're hearing is the sound of the knives slipping their sheaths:

Gerard McManus: Herald Sun:
FOR someone with a reputation for being a control freak, Labor leader Kevin Rudd is developing a tendency for suddenly knowing nothing about political problems. Over recent months Mr Rudd has blamed his staff, the booze, a television station, a newspaper editor and his close colleagues for the controversies he has become embroiled in.

Tony Wright, The Age:
FEDERAL Labor is in disarray over its opposition to the death penalty for terrorists, with Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd publicly humiliating his foreign affairs spokesman, Robert McClelland, for stating the party’s official policy.

The Herald Sun editorial:
He will alter any policy nuance - even a moral stance - that might cost a vote… All of which raises an increasingly pertinent question: how often can an ALP leader micro-manage policy backflips before voters get suspicious?

Michelle Grattan, The Age:
KEVIN Rudd looks expedient and hypocritical in chastising his foreign affairs spokesman, Robert McClelland, over his death penalty comments.He sounds like he's willing to park his principles in pursuing power, perhaps intending to pick them up again when safely ensconced in the Lodge.

The Australian:
Labor’s penchant for hollow symbolism has already come to the fore in its environmental policy, where it has repeatedly insisted that Australia sign the Kyoto treaty even though this will not make any discernible difference to anyone since Australia is already meeting its targets. Now we are being treated to Labor’s self-styled “diplomatic activism”, contrived for the domestic consumption of its left wing.

Phillip Coorey, Sydney Morning Herald:
(McClelland) simply confirmed Labor policy and the views long articulated by Kevin Rudd, before and after Rudd became Opposition Leader.... Rudd resorted to that old chestnut of blaming the staff, including his own, who approved and distributed the speech, supposedly without his knowledge.

Ouch! Better start screaming harder for the election, asap, Laborites.

. . .the blind is slipping. . .

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