The Death of a Soldier

Tim Blair nails the vile leftist abuse streaming around the internet right now, with a simple truth:

“David Pearce was killed while attempting to change Afghanistan from a fascist hell-nation providing cover for mass murderers into something undeserving of annihilation.”
Now read the assorted collection from Australia’s sensitive left. No eye opener, but it’s an important reminder of what, precisely, is in their minds, and it’s pure filth.

Another important reminder concerns what killed David Pearce. Make no mistake, and let’s start calling this for what it is: these are Iranian IEDs, exported for the purpose of killing us and ours. Now think carefully about what might happen were Iran to get the nuclear technology it so craves, just as Saddam wanted to do. Iran is showing us the way. . .


A tribute worth posting:

The name of Trooper David Pearce will shine in bronze as one of our immortal dead in the heart of the nation. It will be there, cloistered with our best, for all to see, as long as there is an Australia.

He and his family have set an example of duty and sacrifice that should humble all.
Beautifully said.

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