Death to the worm!!!

The worm must die, die, kill the worm, bring the rope, the worm must die, bastard worm, just die already, burn the worm. Well folks, the debate is over, I watched it on the ABC, I heard channel nine stole the feed or something and had the worm running, naturally no one supported John Howard, I'd be very worried if the worm was in favor of Mr. Howard, it would probably mean he'd become leftist or something.

So what did you think, I must confess, I didn't watch the whole thing, kept switching between the debate and Australian Idol. In all honesty it didn't really matter to me, I personally made up my mind a long time ago, and I wouldn't want to go to a restaurant or go shopping with the folks who still don't know. To me, having the best one-liners and great debating skills are not going to get my vote and are not the only qualifications needed to run the country.

So what say you, has Kevin Rudd managed to win your vote with his 'working families' and signing Kyoto, or perhaps John Howard?

Update - You know John Howard sometimes bangs on about the low level of industrial disputation and strikes under his government and how terrible it would be under a Labor/Union government. Let's have a look across the Tasman, what's it like over there under Labor, or as some Kiwi bloggers refer to her as, Kommissar Klark.

NZ Herald - Wharfies at the Ports of Auckland are preparing to strike for the fourth time, in their latest series of industrial action over wages. The strike will see about 250 port staff from the Maritime Union of New Zealand (Munz) strike in support of a 4.5 to 4.9 per cent pay rise. The port company has offered around 3.25 per cent.
You think IR has gone too far, the other mob are going the complete opposite direction, you wish to punish the current mob, careful what you wish for Australia, you might just get it.

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