USA to the rescue

While leftist morons in the west, whine about peace through bending over and grabbing ankles, online petitions, banning guns and plain old nagging, not to mention hating the US Armed Forces and trying to screw them over at every turn like hobbling the funds they need. Those same men and women in the United States armed forces are enforcing peace through superior firepower.
FOXNews - American warships battled pirates Tuesday who had seized a tanker off the coast of Somalia as well as another vessel northeast of Mogadishu, combined reports said. In the waters off Somalia, the warships reportedly sunk two pirate vessels and pursued a hijacked skiff carrying some of the fleeing hijackers. The crew of the tanker Golden Mori, which was hijacked Sunday night, reportedly fought back and overpowered their attackers, regaining control of the vessel, maritime officials said.
On Sunday, the destroyer USS Porter responded to a distress call from the Golden Mori that it was under attack from two pirate skiffs in international waters off the coast of Somalia near the Socotra islands in the Indian Ocean. The destroyer, on loan to an international task force aimed at stopping piracy and terror in the region, responded with deadly force, sinking both vessels, officials said. The Porter's sister ship, the USS Arleigh Burke, reportedly was pursuing the escaping hijackers and providing an escort for the Japanese-owned tanker.
Off Mogadishu, the crew of the Dai Hong Dan had control of the steering and engineering spaces of the ship, and the pirates had seized the bridge, the Combined Maritime Forces Public Affairs Office reported. Corpsmen from the USS James E. Williams, an Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer operating as part of the maritime coalition, and a boarding team, provided medical aid and other support as to the Korean vessel's crew. The crew reported five pirates were captured and two were dead.
You know, if those five pirates were to be lost in shark infested waters somewhere, it really wouldn't be a big loss. The world will keep turning and the waters around Somalia would be a little safer, but we know they won't be lost, the Americans will give them food and water and give them rights they never earned, because they are the good guys and thank God for them. I wonder if there are will be videos of this on YouTube, would be nice to see Sam laying bootprints into pirate ass, send a message out to the rest of scumbags.

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