Such a fool!!

I picked up the following from an article about this Dear Abby person, publicly stating she was in favor of gay marriage. I think she's from that bastion of leftist curs, San Francisco. Give it enough time and Abby will be in favor of just about anything, heck she might even go easy on pedophiles if pushed hard enough. But anyway, coming back to the reason for the post.
Last year, addressing a groom whose gay brother refused to serve as best man or even attend the wedding because he did not have the right to marry, she made it clear her sympathies lay with the boycotting brother. FOXNews.
Can you believe this fool, what a stupid way to protest, as if his brother is responsible for him not being allowed to marry his boyfriend. Go ahead then son, boycott your brother's wedding, it'll be your and your families loss, no one else's.

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