The warm aroma of...bullshit:

" A university study shows that as many as one in four New Zealand women were sexually abused as children, prompting experts to call for more emphasis on the prevention of child sexual abuse.
Janet Fanslow, from the university's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, said the initial response to such statistics was shock and horror, but the trick was to move beyond that and think about what can be done to prevent it happening. "
The overwhelming majority of Kiwi parents are--like parents everywhere--kind and loving guardians of their kid's welfare. I simply don't believe these figures. Quite apart from anything else, it depends very much on how the "researchers" defined abuse in the first place.
And this bloody female's comment about "thinking what can be done" for preventing it happening is no more than leech-speak for more government intervention, more demonisation of fathers.
Notice that even in genuine cases of abuse, these feminazis very, very rarely speak of the role mothers play in it--unless to claim that the mothers are "victims". Make no mistake, the agenda here is to attack the traditional family and to attack fathers in particular.
UPDATE: today's NZ Herald carries this headline:
"Maori girls suffer 'horrific' rate of abuse
A new international survey has found one in four New Zealand girls is sexually abused before the age of 15, the highest rate of any country examined."
It would have been nice if the first report had included that fact, instead of smearing all Kiwis for the appalling behaviour of one race. But Maori are effectively beyond criticism as a group and they're very quick indeed to play the race card the moment anybody points out uncomfortable truths.

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