Kyoto - It'll cost you

Looks like everyone's squealing over Kyoto, what do we want - Kyoto, when do we want it -Now!! You want Kyoto, I'll give you Kyoto, bring out the pen, there ya go, sign here, here, down there, initial over there, sign here, initial again and that's just about it, I'll hold on to that pen for you. Pleasure doing business with you comrade, now wipe that confused look off your face and hand over your wallet, no buts, shut it... hand it over or else.
Alex Robson, - But Kyoto has very little to do with reasonableness. Just ask the New Zealanders. Our friends across the ditch signed up to Kyoto in December 2002, even though a 2001 National Interest Analysis on the case for ratifying the Kyoto Protocol could not decide whether moderate global warming would be detrimental or beneficial for New Zealanders. Helen Clark's Government ignored this information and committed her country to a program of reducing emissions over the 2008-12 period to 1990 levels or to take responsibility for the difference.

In practice, that means hundreds of millions of Kiwi tax dollars will be paid to former Soviet Union countries, which have been lucky to accumulate carbon credits. The New Zealand Treasury estimates New Zealand's Kyoto liability currently stands at NZ$708 million. This doesn't sound like very much, but this guess is more than double what it was two years ago. At that rate of increase, at the end of the first Kyoto commitment period in 2012, New Zealanders will owe about NZ$4.2 billion - or about NZ$1000 per person.
From the New Zealand treasury website - The estimate of New Zealand’s obligation at 30 June 2007 is $NZ704 million. I downloaded the spreadsheet, just incase they 'misplace' it. I can assure you Australia, there will be a price to pay, and when that day rolls around, YOU are going to pay for it, you won't hear about any of this from Kevin Rudd or Peter Garrett or Bob Brown in the election campaign, there won't be anything about this among the education revolutions, the future, in touch, new leadership and the buck stops with me. That's because it won't stop with them, it'll stop after your wallet. You'll be like the Kiwis, longing for tax cuts and wondering what the heck hit them. But you'll be worse off than them, at least they have Australia to come to, where are you going to go, over to New Zealand? On the plus side, you'll be going against the traffic on your way there.

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