They call this justice..

LiveNews - A man who pushed a World War II digger into traffic in Riverwood has been sentenced to at least two years jail. Craig Wheatley pleaded guilty to manslaughter over the death of Robert Narramore who died in September last year. Mr Narramore stumbled onto Belmore Road after he was punched and pushed in the middle of the day. He was hit by a passing car and suffered serious head injuries. It was the day after his 83rd birthday.
In the New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Virginia Bell described Wheatley's s push as impulsive and loutish. Justice Bell said Wheatley's history of chronic schizophrenia played no immediate role in his offending behaviour. She backdated his two-year minimum term to when he was taken into custody immediately after the death, meaning he will be eligible for release on parole in September next year.

It only makes sense when you think of the criminal justice system as exactly that, justice for the criminal, not the victims. Bout time we dropped this facade about justice, it's a sham, just call it the criminal welfare system and get it over with.

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