Human Rights - Just not for you Lot

Remember that scumbag Learco Chindamo, who happens to be Italian, who stabbed a school headmaster Philip Lawrence to death. Back then the UK Home Office rightly wanted to deport this piece of filth back to Italy so he could hopefully die slowly and painfully, but some immigration judge used the Human Rights Act to keep his worthless ass in Britain and presumably live off the taxpayer for the rest of his worthless life. Well thanks to another left-wing fool another piece of filth gets to live in the UK and presumably will live his worthless life off the taxpayer.
Daily Mail - A serial sex offender who admits attacking 11 women has escaped deportation after a judge said it would breach his human rights. The Home Office argued that Mohammed Kendeh, 21, had a "high risk of reoffending" and should be sent back to Sierra Leone. But Sir Henry Hodge, Britain's top immigration judge and the husband of Culture Minister Margaret Hodge, said although the sex attacker had been refused British citizenship and was likely to offend again, he must be allowed to stay here. Sir Henry said sending him home would breach his rights to a family life under the European Commission of Human Rights, and agreed with an earlier ruling that the prolific offender is "one of us". Kendeh's sex offences rampage began when he was 15 - two years after he became a heavy cannabis smoker - and he has also committed burglary, arson and drug offences.
In 2005 he was jailed for four years for two sex attacks committed days after he was released early from detention for burglary. Astonishingly he was again released early several months ago. The Home Office last year tried to deport Kendeh, of Peckham, South London, but an immigration judge ruled the move was unlawful. There was then an appeal by the Home Office - but Sir Henry has now ended the long process by saying the he can stay here for good. One of Kendeh's victims, Gabrielle Browne, who was dragged into the bushes and sexually assaulted while jogging in a London park, has waived her right to anonymity to attack the judgment. The senior judge, who is president of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and a former chairman of the National Council for Civil Liberties (now known as Liberty), has a long record of supporting human rights causes.
Does this moron know that the fellow is 21, he's not 2 years old, is he saying that Kenyans can't survive in their own country. Don't worry about the public, who cares about their Human Rights, who gives a rat's ass about their right to live their lives free of scumbags like this, call someone who cares and hope they don't take too long to turn up, is the obvious message. What would scumbags in the UK do without soft, kumbaya-singing fools like Henry Hodge, maybe one day Henry Hodge will become the victim of one of these scumbags, but I doubt that fools like him can understand the stupidity of his decisions even then.

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