Pushing the homosexual agenda?

It's almost as if there are bands of violent heterosexuals running around bashing up homosexuals, or if small children aren't indoctrinated into loving homosexuals, they'll grow up and form gangs that go around shooting up gay bars and lining up homosexuals against walls and executing them. Next they'll be pushing to enforce homosexual quotas in public schools to prove an absence of homophobia and tolerance of all lifestyles.
The D.C. State Board of Education has scheduled a December vote on proposed guidelines for sex-education classes that call for teaching students about homosexuality. School officials have said they will hold a Nov. 28 hearing for members of the public to give their input on the proposed guidelines. The board is expected to vote on them Dec. 19 after a public comment period expires Nov. 30. The guidelines initially were contained in a 43-page draft document dated July 2 and titled "Health Learning Standards."

The guidelines say eighth-grade students should be taught the definition of sexual orientation "using correct terminology" and learn that some people "may begin to feel romantically and/or sexually attracted to people of a different gender and/or to people of the same gender." They also say sixth-grade students should be taught that "people, regardless of biological sex, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and culture, have sexual feelings and the need for love, affection and physical intimacy." Ninth-graders should be taught to "analyze trends in ... contraceptive practices and the availability of abortion," the guidelines stated. Washington Times.
Why the hell do sixth-graders have to be taught that people of any sexual orientation have a need for physical intimacy, will this then lead to them encouraging the children to satisfy these needs. Knowing liberals, I wouldn't put it past those weasels. I wonder if they'll be told that there are more heterosexual folks out there and when a man and woman get married they have children and that's called a family, the basic building block of society. I wonder if they'll tell these children that some folks see no sense in homosexuality. I'd much rather they stick to 'teaching' children things like maths, science, geography and encourage them to keep their legs closed.

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