The Hatist

Is this creature possibly the most hate-filled columnist in Australia?

WHEN I read the headline "Howard will debate Rudd without the worm", I thought: "So what if Tony Abbott won't be there? That's not worth a headline. Maybe there's a Cold-Hearted Bastard meeting on that night and it's his turn to host." Then I realised that if there was a CHB meeting on, that would mean Philip Ruddock and Kevin Andrews wouldn't be around either. Which would mean Howard would be short three worms. At least he'd still have Peter Costello, and that would be a comfort to him.
This is a typical (though particularly detestable) leftist. She is, however, also a columnist with one of Australia’s most respected and intelligent (or so they keep telling us) newspapers, The Age.
Like most of you, I have been disgusted by the recent opportunism, back-pedalling, dog-whistling, pork-barrelling and dirt-digging by the Howard Administration.
Proof please, Cathy? No – I didn’t think so – just more screaming and abuse. Now read this next, almost unbelievably disgusting piece of leftist invective. While you do, remind yourself that this woman is writing for one of Australia’s ‘leading’ newspapers:
When I say I'm disgusted, I'm also quietly hopeful. Hopeful that this avalanche of corruption and deception will stop people voting for Howard again. Then I realise that if they were stupid enough to be sucked in by him the first and the second time, there's not much hope. I just hope a few of them have died from xenophobia and affluenza.
Okay, so in one breath this creature bemoans the stupidity of voters who were ‘sucked in’, and in the next, she hopes they’ve died. So were they ‘sucked in’ (meaning it wasn’t necessarily their fault) or weren’t they, Cathy? Or doesn’t it matter? A vote for Howard earns us the Deveny death wish, full stop.

From my experience, this attitude (and this express opinion, actually) among the Australian left is not a rarity, and I truly dread its return to the centre stage, as part of this country’s national dialogue. Because it is to this harping, gimlet-eyed, talon-clicking admonishment we will return, but at triple volume, if Labor is elected.

Forget Rudd and what he is or is not pretending to be. Nothing will stop Harpies like this, not if they've got their claws anywhere near the wheel. The real tragedy is that, with such naked hatred at full estrus - such a deep and abiding loathing for pretty much everyone, on proud display - people like this actually believe they are capable of doing good.

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