Simply out of his depth

I heard most of this interview on Alan's program this morning. I will say this, Wayne Swan sounds like an OK fellow, doesn't sound arrogant or like a raving leftist. However the message I got loud and clear was that he was simply out of his depth. He made brave statements like this, but the reality says differently, I didn't see Richard Marles from the ACTU doing any jumping, we saw Gavan O'Connor huffing and puffing about Labor after being kicked in the ass by the ACTU but then going all soft and weak a day or two after that.
LiveNews - Shadow Treasurer Wayne Swan has vehemently denied the union movement will have any control over his policies should Labor win office. When questioned by 2GB's Alan Jones over the unions' preference for centralised wage fixing, Mr Swan was adamant. "Well, they can go jump, because that's not our policy," he said. "From Government we have governed from the middle. We won't be governing for any special interest group, be it unions or sections of the business community."
Numerous times when pushed for policy, the answer was either, it's still coming or he cares for them and understands but needs to speak to treasury. The other thing I'm sure got on the listener's nerves was when the ALPs policies was being sliced and diced, he kept pointing out that the Coalition's policy was only slightly better or close to theirs.

He also kept saying how bad the Howard government was after 11 years, well who's being negative now and besides, we know that, what we also know is that they've been in opposition for 11 years, how much more time and consultation do they need to come up with better answers. Too many of the responses were just one-liners and pointing out that the other mob are no good and that is just not good enough. The Youtube generation and the Howard-haters might buy that fashionable lack of depth, but the rest of us, I don't think so.

Speaking of the Youtube generation, having a look at this, I stumbled upon it this morning, quite a laugh and in some ways a bit disturbing as well.

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