Of setting examples - Signing Kyoto

So has Mr. Rudd got a guarantee from the US that they will sign Kyoto once we sign it, in that display of Mandarin the other week, did he obtain an agreement from the Chinese that they would sign up to Kyoto once Australia and the US signed up? And say we sign the wretched thing, what exactly is Mr Rudd going to do if the Chinese tell him to get stuffed on Kyoto, is he going to send the Australian Navy after them or something? Is he going to tear up Kyoto like he will tear up the IR laws that has brought us so many jobs?
The Australian - LABOR would not expect developing countries to sign up to new binding carbon emissions agreements at the same time as developed ones, Peter Garrett said today. Speaking before the announcement of $200 million to help the Great Barrier Reef deal with climate change, Mr Garrett, Labor’s environment spokesman, said that since most of the heat caused in the atmosphere today was due to developed countries’ emissions, it was right that they should lead the way in international agreements to reduce pollution.

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd backed Mr Garrett's approach. "If we are to get countries like China and India to accept targets themselves, then developed countries must act first,'' he told reporters. "Australia must show leadership. Australia should use its influence on the United States to get the United States onto the Kyoto program. "When that happens, China then has no excuse other than to act.
Regarding this setting of examples, here in Australia, we don't persecute Christians, dissenters are not thrown into jails or executed, there is political and religious freedom here and it's been around for decades if not longer. I don't believe China has an excuse not to do the same, but they are not, so sorry Mr. Rudd, your waffling about setting examples doesn't wash with me. Personally I believe you can set all the examples you want to but the it won't matter a damn to the what's-in-it-for-us Chinese.

And regarding the grandstanding by the ALP on this issue, I get the feeling they're a bit upset over all this affluenza that's in the West, bit like that rabid hater in The Age that JO posted about a while back. You folks are all a bit too rich and comfortable for them, you need to be taxed and taxed a bit more for whatever cause the left can come up with.

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