Come on Kevin07

Everywhere you turn, it's working families this, working families that from Kevin Rudd, it's a lot of talk Mr Rudd, warm and fuzzy yes, but come on now, the time for talking and waffling is over. You might be the best debater and the star of the worm, but that don't put money in my wallet, can't have fancy talking points for lunch you know. John Howard might be out-of-touch, but I don't want John Howard or you in my house sharing feelings and tissues, show me the money, and fast.
The Prime Minister will today try to cash in on yesterday's surprise tax cut announcement as he seeks to take control of the election and turn around his government's disastrous polls. He's challenged the Opposition Leader to match his commitment immediately. "We've heard a lot about working families from Mr Rudd," he said
"We've heard a lot about cost of living pressures, about grocery prices, about petrol prices. We're all worried about cost of living pressures. "Now, isn't the fairest thing to do to hand back to people their own money and let them decide how they're going to deal with cost of living pressures?" LiveNews.
Last night I saw some people giving their opinions on it, you have to wonder at the mentality of some of the whingers out there, one woman was saying it was funny how they can find all this money just before an election. Oh well, sounds like she doesn't want the tax cut then, I'll take her tax cut instead, thanks lady you're a star. I mean, do we want more money or not? I've heard that people will start spending the money and this will put upward pressure on interest rates, well then don't spend all of it folks. We consider ourselves free and capable don't we, why then do we want to be treated like a bunch of children who have no clue what to do with our money.

I heard the shadow treasurer Wayne Swan on the radio just now, I thought it was telling when he said they would love to give tax cuts but they needed to ensure the high level of public services as well. I'd rather they let go of some of these public services and let us look after ourselves, sounds like Kevin07 have seen how much money there is and are salivating at the thought of boosting all their pet causes, perhaps that's why Kevin07 is still stalling on their tax policy.

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