Furor over beating women in the Qur’an

Can someone enlighten her about the real 'furor' over the cartoons, perhaps have a look at what Hirsi Ali has to live with now that she has become an apostate. Bodyguards, living in secret locations, constantly watching her back for peaceful, tolerant Muslims.
Toronto Star - For seven years Laleh Bakhtiar laboured over her English translation of the Qur'an, a version that is written from a woman's point of view and is also welcoming to non-Muslim readers. Of all the 90,000 words she translated, there is just one, in chapter four, verse 34, that led to sharp criticism and controversy. It's from the section on women and describes how to deal with one who is "disobedient." Most translations of the Qur'an, which Muslims believe to be the word of God revealed to Muhammad, say the woman should first be admonished, then left alone in her bed and then beaten, albeit lightly.

"When I got to chapter four I had to really look at this carefully," says Bakhtiar, a Chicago Islamic scholar who is the featured speaker at the 25th annual conference of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, which opens on Saturday at Toronto's Noor Cultural Centre. "It took a lot of research time to see what it means. "It's a command in the Qur'an, an imperative and the point is the Prophet never did it, it meant something else to him," continues Bakhtiar, 68, one of seven children of an American nurse and Iranian doctor. She concluded that the word idrib, which she found could have 26 different meanings, was best translated as "to go away" or "to leave," not some form of "to beat."
It's like leftists and global warming, keep modeling, re-modeling, drawing and tinkering with the data until the models tell you we're all going to burn and die or was that drown due to rising sea levels, quite amusing really. Seven years is too long dear, just do like leftists, keep repeating the same thing over and over, eventually some fools will buy into it.
"Why choose the word to harm somebody, when that's not what the Prophet did? He was a model for humanity. "Besides giving the text a female perspective, another strong motivator was her desire to offer a new English translation for non-Muslims and new Muslims. Instead of Allah, she uses God; instead of Isa, she uses the more familiar Jesus. Non-Muslims are not infidels or disbelievers, words she says are "loaded," but instead are those who are "ungrateful to God for his blessings." "I tried to develop an inclusive translation so people from other faiths may read it and feel like it speaks to them as well, as a sacred text."
It's all well and good to say, when there is a full moon and if you look at the wording upside down and after a few packs of smokes, it really doesn't look we should be beating the tripe out of our wives, and we don't really have to chop off their infidel heads and make war on them. But that's not the point, it's not really us infidels that need convincing, can you convince those that are doing the beating and murdering of this. I personally don't care if I'm classed as just being 'ungrateful' or something else, just don't chop my head off, that's all, is that too much to ask.
Meanwhile, the head of one of Canada's leading Muslim organizations said he would not permit Bahktiar's book, The Sublime Quran, to be sold in the bookstore of the Islamic Society of North America (Canada). "Our bookstore would not allow this kind of translation," says Mohammad Ashraf, ISNA's secretary general. "I will consider banning it." His objection is not that Bakhtiar is a female scholar, but that she was not trained at an academic institution accredited in the Muslim world – he cites the University of Medina in Saudi Arabia as such a place.
Yeah, as far as I know, those folks in the Magic Kingdom don't take well to being lectured by women, sublimely or not, from what I heard of them, they ain't big on nuance either. A woman translating the Koran or the Qur'an and not remaining in the shadows or in the kitchen, chop-chop square beckons!!
Bakhtiar makes clear that this book is a translation, not a commentary, and has not addressed other potentially divisive issues such as women's dress and modesty, male dominance and polygamy.
Not to mention the suicide bombings, Jihad and chopping off infidels heads on camera whilst screaming "Allah Akbar", she must need a lot more research time to spin that one. She didn't say anything about the prophet marrying a child when she was talking about him being a model for humanity, I wonder if that's alright for us to do as well or are some more equal than others, pardon these old infidel bones, they're just not used to all these gymnastics.

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