No Problem

No problem at all. . .
A DANDENONG [Melbourne, Australia] detective is recovering in hospital after being king hit and then bashed by a group of men in Noble Park early today. The detective, 30, was driving along Isaac St with his female police partner just after 2am when the pair stopped to speak to a group of 20 youths, who police said were Sudanese, standing on the road.

The detective asked the men, aged in their late teens to early 20s, to keep the noise down.

One of the men then punched the detective from behind and knocked him to the ground. Several other members of the group joined in the attack, kicking the detective a number of times before fleeing.
As many people are beginning to suspect, I think, this is a simmering brew that has been kept under wraps for quite some time. It’s standard leftist operating procedure, of course: pretend nothing’s wrong (with anyone except us), and launch rabid pack-attacks aimed at silencing anyone who finally comes out and says there is. It is precisely these tactics that have seen Britain, for example, fall into the appalling mess it's now in.

That there’s a problem here is without question. It’s time we were allowed to say so without fear of retribution.

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