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Mr Rudd outlined a $2.3 billion plan to give tax breaks to families for education costs, as the first plank of a three-pronged tax reform plan under a Labor government. "Labor will introduce a 50 per cent education tax refund for working families for their investment in their kids' education," he said. Mr Rudd said parents of primary school students would be able to claim up to $750 of their outlay on education when they filed a tax return. Parents of secondary school students would be able to claim up to $1,500. "The eligibility for this would extend to all those kids in Australia whose parents currently receive family tax benefit A and that's more than two million Australian kids," he said.

Parents will be eligible to claim a tax rebate on equipment and resources purchased for educational purposes, Mr Rudd said. "If mum and dad are spending money on buying a laptop, spending money on buying a home computer, spending money on...purchasing internet connection, education software printers and books those expenditures (they) will be eligible to claim the 50 per cent education tax refund that we are putting forward," Mr Rudd said. Mr Rudd said earlier this week that the government promised $2.9 billion of tax cuts for people earning above $180,000. "We propose to defer this and not pay this within the forward estimates period," he said. "That would be the money from the government drawer for the purposes of funding this education tax refund."

Mr Rudd said a Labor government would embark on a six-year plan to reform Australia's income tax system, reducing the number of tax thresholds from four to three by 2013. "Our goal would be that we would have three rates - 40, 30 and 15 (cents in the dollar)," he said. "The top rate under this system would be 40." However, the plan would depend on having a healthy budget surplus. "There are conditions attached," Mr Rudd said. LiveNews.

Well, he's been banging on about working families for a while, bout time I say, so what say you, will this be a welcome development? I don't know if this applies to private schools or not, if not will it make a huge difference to those of you sending your kids to public schools? One group of Aussies will be losing out to fund this, those earning over $180K and I don't particularly like that last bit about conditions on their Tax plan, sounds like he's laying the foundation for a broken promise.

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