World's media distraught. Saddam humilitated.

Hundreds of newspapers world-wide are running with pictures of Saddam in his jocks, standing in his cell. This has been claimed that it is humiliating and degrading to the former dictator. There are serious attempt to discover who took and released the pictures by the US government.

The photos "were taken in clear violation of Department of Defence directives and possibly Geneva Convention guidelines for the humane treatment of detained individuals", a statement said.

I understand the US military angst for soldiers taking happy snaps and then seeing them splashed across the world's media. If people looked at this issue realistically, and compared Saddam in his underwear to 30 years of opppression of his own countrymen, invasion of Iraq and Kuwait, threatening the region with nuclear and chemical weapons, maybe people wouldn't be so quick to blame the US government for allowing Saddam to be 'humiliated'.

Being humiliated and degraded is the least of his problems at the moment. He is on trial facing the death penalty. I have no doubt that Saddam would draw comfort from the fact that the world's media are keen to seem him viewed only as a strong, sartorially elegant dictator, instead of what he really is. A semi-nude, bedraggled sociopath. Imagine the wailing and gnashing when the pictures of his execution and death mask are published.

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