Kerry just won't give up

Obviously he hasn't learnt the lesson of 2004 - he's not going to become President. But that evidently won't stop him from trying, as Polipundit links to this story:
With Republicans scrounging around for an able successor to President Bush in the 2008 election, Washington's focus is fast turning to an escalating battle on the Democratic side between front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and 2004 nominee Sen. John Kerry. Whispers learns that Kerry is not just testing the waters: He's running. "His family wants him to run again," says one pal. Proof he's in: Kerry has added names to his E-mail list of 3 million, kept alive and kicking, raised boatloads of cash for friendly Democrats, and moved to seize control of hot-button issues like kids' healthcare, the environment, and support for military families. The Kerry clan is also pushing the Clinton electability issue. "Donors and organized labor love Bill Clinton, " says one Kerry friend. "But they're telling everyone they're terrified that she'd get stomped."
There's a lot of points that need to be raised.

Firstly, John Kerry's second run for President is about as predictable as the Republicans picking a candidate who is socially conservative. First Ted Kennedy, Kerry's fellow Massachusetts senator, threw his support behind Kerry, then Kerry called Mark Dayton his "2008 presidential opponent" and I was sure he'd held a party where Ted Kennedy called it the beginning of Kerry's 2008 bid, but I can't find a link at the moment.

In the blogosphere we've been saying Kerry will run again in 2008 since November 2004, but really it was obvious from the way that Kerry tried to get into the Senate in 1972, and when that failed miserably, he wasn't deterred - in 1984 he came back and tried again, winning a Senate seat. Now after failing miserably in his attempt to win the Presidency, he's going to have another go. There's not really a surprise there.

Secondly, his e-mail list is not as great as he thinks it is. Everyone on his e-mail list is either a guaranteed Kerry voter in both 2004 and 2008, or a guaranteed not-Kerry voter who wants to keep up with the enemy, so to speak. And e-mail addresses change - people change jobs, the arrival of Gmail, people deciding to have a new name - so the power his e-mail list will hold will diminish every day. It wasn't enough to get him elected the first time, so what makes Kerry think this time he'll have a better chance?

Thirdly, if Kerry has, as the article claims, "moved to seize control of hot-button issues like kids' healthcare, the environment, and support for military families", then how come he's only interested in bad stories that portray both Bush and the military badly? How come he's only now seizing on these issues when in twenty years in the Senate, he passed a grand total of 11 bills - not one of which made any real impact on the lives of his fellow countrymen? And how does he expect to campaign for President on what he's done in less than four years, or does he think he's still going to be able to tell people he's not Bush and he was in Vietnam for 2008?

It's not going to stick, and if Kerry doesn't know that then he's not fit to be President of anywhere, let alone the United States. His presidential ambitions were crushed on November 2, 2004, and it's going to take a lot more than actually doing his job in the Senate for once to revive them.

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