Please Tell Me Again. . .

Why is it, exactly, that we’re doing this to ourselves?

What’s being gained by allowing this rot to continue? I’d really like to know.

Most of you will have followed the various dung hurling sessions we’ve had here, whenever anyone has dared raise this question. So far, though, apart from lots of abuse, no one has really explained how this is such a wonderful outcome:

Gays fear intolerance rising

TWO attacks on homosexuals in the heart of Amsterdam in just two weeks have sparked fears homophobia is on the rise in Europe's self-proclaimed gay capital, activists said today. The Netherlands was once seen as a haven of stability and tolerance, but social tensions have risen since the 2002 murder of openly gay anti-immigration populist Pim Fortuyn and the killing last November of a filmmaker critical of Islam.

The rise in homophobia has been blamed on immigrant groups such as Turks and Moroccans - already under scrutiny amid accusations they are not doing enough to combat Islamic militancy . . .
Maybe now we can start to get an inkling as to why poor old Pim was ‘anti-immigration’. I’m going to go out on a limb here. I’m going to suggest that Pim wasn’t anti-immigration (or immigrants) at all. The place I suspect he was really coming from, before he was silenced forever, was actually one of anti multi-culturalism: the insane drive to submerge that which is best about ourselves and our culture (such as freedom and tolerance, for example) beneath a self-administered boot; the ‘liberal’ Leftist elite’s misguided imposition of a policy of grovelling self-admonishment, that generally subordinates us and our culture to all comers. Unfortunately, so entrenched has this obsequiousness become, so woven into the fabric of our institutional being (as exemplified by our new ‘profanities’, words like ‘integration’, for example), I think Pim saw strict immigration controls as being the only way to deal with it; the only way to stop the damage wrought by the social engineers of the ‘liberal’ Left.

And given what is happening in Holland, I think he was absolutely right.

Gay lobby group COC found in a new study that one in three gays no longer dared walk hand-in-hand in Amsterdam city centre, despite the city's liberal reputation, epitomised by its "coffee shops" and red light district brothels.

They cited attitudes like those expressed this week in man-on-the street interviews with newspaper Metro, in which some people described homosexuality as a sin or a disease.

"If I see those disgusting gays kissing in the street, I get really paranoid ... Then I get murderous feelings," an 18-year-old identifying himself as Achraf was quoted as saying.

But Dutch homosexuals have vowed to fight such attitudes.
The awful irony here shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Because it’s groups such as the Dutch homosexuals (and our own) who are usually the first to denounce people holding views like Pim’s - views that, in their outcomes (and intentions), seek to prevent precisely that which Dutch homosexuals must increasingly now face (and fight), at the hands of a culture that will, thanks to the multi-culti Left, never be taught (or told) any better.

It’s time they all woke up.

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