The King is dead

Left to right. John Jarratt, Graham Kennedy, John Hargreaves, Bryan Brown, Graeme Blundell.

King of Australian television, Graham Kennedy, has died at the age of 71. Unfortunately, Graham suffered through prolonged illness over the last years of his lfe, but retained his wit even at the end. I can't even begin to describe the influence Gra Gra had on Oz TV through the 70's and 80's. An inspired comic genius, ad-libbing lines at will, Kennedy could bring the house down without saying a word. Between Kennedy and Bert Newton, they cornered the market on satire, cynicism and comedic timing. Newton's GMA is a toned down version of their previous evening show, but you can still see the flashes of brilliance on the odd occasion.

Today's crop of 'stars' such as Rove, the Glass House morons, and any number of other Australian produced contemporary productions pale into insignificance agaisnt Graham's achievements. 19 Logies including 5 Gold statuettes. King of Moomba. And on and on.

Graham starred in one of my favourite films 'The Odd Angry Shot', as Harry, a second tour SASR Corporal leading his section through a twelve month tour of Vietnam. Harry's best lines include 'You'd better make it murder, cos I'm gonna knock your fucking head clean off!' and 'Everybody's got to be somewhere, and your here, so you'd better get use to it'.

Graham Kennedy is an Australian legend. The king is dead, long live the king.

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