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That sure didn't take very long. Paul Martin and his trained seals no sooner survived the confidence vote by the very skin of their teeth when suddenly the MSM pull out the knives.
Ottawa ? The man who prides himself on his skill as a political tactician lost the biggest gamble of his political career last night. And, at least according to some, it didn't need to be that way.

After his defeat on a vote designed to force a spring election, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper finds himself today with a chunk of his political capital spent, a temperamental image with the Canadian public, and some members of his party sniping at him for what they believe was the frittering away of the massive advantage given to him by the sponsorship scandal.

Well we can debate this until the cows come home but the bottom line is there is nothing wrong with Stephen Harper's leadership ability. It's so easy to play the proverbial Monday-morning quarterback but truth be told it was under Harper's watch that Conservatives from coast to coast finally got their asses together to work for the common good.

He may not be flashy or flamboyant or colourful but so what? As Canadians, we have been subjected to the testimonies of various individuals all of whom have provided detailed accounts of the corruption running rampant throughout this government. We have heard about secret meetings, payoffs, kickbacks, brown envelopes etc. If that isn't enough to topple a government than I don't know what is. If people prefer being lied to and stolen from over a supposed bland leader then we as a people are in more serious trouble than I thought. And we as a people deserve what we get. We've made our beds.

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