Hot air, steaming hot..

Treasurer Peter Costello would make a very good prime minister, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

As he has always said.

Liberal Party leadership speculation has reached fever pitch since Mr Howard came out publicly saying he would like to lead the Coalition into the next election.

Yep, speculation is fever pitch, in other words, apart from the Logies and the Hostage in Iraq, we have buggerall for the front page, stoke those fires.

Today Mr Howard admitted his rival would suit the top job.

Rival? I thought they were colleagues, PM and Treasurer, so what did they expect the PM to say, oh Costello is a bungling fool and should never be prime minister.

The Treasurer had legitimate leadership aspirations and he would never ask Mr Costello to rule that out, Mr Howard said. "Peter would like to lead the party. "He would like to be prime minister. That is a wholly legitimate aspiration. "I have never asked anybody to rule out seeking the leadership of the party. I never would," he said.

And he cannot.

Mr Howard said there was support within the party for Mr Costello's leadership ambitions.

I certainly hope so. He who has managed the Australian economy pretty well for the last 8 years, wouldn't be out to make a fool of himself.

But Mr Howard said the decision was up to the party. "I am not going to damage the Liberal Party. At the end of the day, I owe the Liberal Party far more than the Liberal Party owes me," he said. "My position is at the pleasure of the Liberal Party."

Humble as ever, listen John just go to Harvey Norman or somewhere and get one of those tape recorders, record the above and just play it every time some fool asks you about the 'leadership turmoil/crisis', it'll save you the trouble.

Mr Howard said his comments about the leadership had been misinterpreted, but he did not blame journalists.

Offcourse, they need their stories as well.

"I'm disagreeing with their interpretation."

Yeah why let the truth get in the way of a good story.


The last I heard about this, Howard and Costello were having a meeting somewhere, according to the journos, it was going to be a bitter power struggle, factions, divisions, supporter versus supporter, the Liberal Party split down the center, strained smiles, the pressure building, the whole of Australia waiting with baited breath, the local TABs running hot.

In truth, they'll probably be discussing the plight of that hostage in Iraq and other important matters and lastly how long they should let the press gallery foam outside.

The public would be used to this non-story by now. We will get the odd commentator whining about, Howard doesn't want to leave, power hungry, blah blah blah. As shown in the last election, the public are happy with John Howard, its only the left, labour and the press gallery that are trying to get rid of him, cos they know, he's too good a politician to fight at the next election.

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