An actual academic hero?

I dislike academics immensely. Stupidity brings out the arsehole in me and the utter stupidity of people supposedly well educated, yet so totally removed from reality is particularly grating on me.

Two of the professors I had during my post grad studies stick in my mind, in that their whole outlook, everything they did, their all-consuming desire was to do nothing more than to have articles published in the various economics and econometrics and mathematics journals.

These guys could have commanded million dollar fees from any number of companies and organisations yet they are so completely focussed on their own economic, econometric, or mathematical world. A horrible waste of a great mind.

Anyway, there is one professor who seems well in tune with the realities of this world we live in.

His name is Mirko Bagaric and he wrote a paper advocating the torture of terror suspects in order to save lives.

He said he fully expected to come under attackfor his views.

Mate, if this is not some twisted academic ploy and if you are serious about this paper, you are a true hero and I salute you.

Of course the usual leftist scum have come out to shout him down - after all, it would be their terrorist allies that would be most affected by such a policy.

And that so-called "human" (read: terrorist) rights group in Amnesty International has come out and blasted him for advocating something that is against UN law.

Right. Perhaps Amnesty can tell us where they were when Jordanian peacekeepers were raping children and goats in East Timor while supposedly enforcing UN law? Perhaps they can also tell us why they are still defending UN law while the UN does nothing about those all through Africa who are raping young children while supposedly enforcing UN law?

And why don't they also tell us why they are so concerned with the welfare of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay and feel the need to yell about the welfare of terrorists under Bagaric's paper, yet seem to remain awfully quiet about those suffering actual torture in places like North Korea and Cuba?

I have said it before that I fully support the torture of terrorists and I am glad to see the leftist scum get so upset by other people saying it.

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