The End is Nigh. . .

After the last ‘Don’t blame me, I’m actually protecting you’ speech from the chief maniac himself, it rather looks like Abu was very much starting to feel the noose - and the rope’s clearly being tightened by none other than his fellow (non-Sunni, but maybe a few of those as well) Muslims, who have well and truly woken up to what Abu is really all about.

Zarqawi defends killing Muslims

AL-QAEDA'S leader in Iraq defended the killing of "innocent Muslims" in suicide bombings against US forces, saying it was legitimate under Islam for the sake of jihad (Holy War), according to an audio tape attributed to him today.

"The killing of infidels by any method including martyrdom (suicide) operations has been sanctified by many scholars even if it meant killing innocent Muslims. This legality has been agreed upon ... so as not to disrupt Jihad," Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said on the tape posted on an Islamist website.
Okay, at least he’s being honest. But one has to ask the question. If you’re happy killing innocent Muslims (potentially all Muslims), then what’s the point of the Jihad?

Stay tuned. Abu answers that question for us in just a moment.

The Jordanian militant, Washington's biggest foe in Iraq, quoted Muslim scholars to justify the loss of Muslim lives in suicide attacks in Iraq. His message appeared aimed at winning Sunni Muslim support for the insurgency.

"Protecting religion is more important than protecting (Muslim) lives, honour or wealth," said the man who sounded like Zarqawi. "The shedding of Muslim blood ... is allowed in order to avoid the greater evil of disrupting jihad."
This man is stark raving mad. Taking this to its extreme, what is a religion, any religion, without any adherents (because they’re all dead)? It’s nothing, null, void, extinct. And that is the best description for that which inhabits this man’s soul. And, this said, I must conclude that the starkness of this insanity (and some deeper insight into it) resides with the apparent preparedness of maniacs like Abu to effectively commit their religion to the ultimate sacrifice, in order to wage war in its name. . .

But this all just puts Abu’s very, very latest 'worst hits' announcement into some broader perspective. Is he injured? Maybe - but I somehow doubt it. Abu is, however, most definitely one minute from midnight, and he knows it. Trapped, hunted by just about everything that moves, his life’s hanging by a thread. As a result, I strongly suspect that this latest announcement (to be sealed by a ‘death’ announcement; watch for it over the next little while) is actually a last, desperate bid to get his neck out of the noose, before he finally says ‘goodnight’.

Let’s all just hope he doesn’t pull it off.

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