Grogblogging II report

It was an interesting but enjoyable night, being the lone conservative there (well, there was a second for a very short period of time, but more on that later). Here's a rundown of some that were there (that I remember) and what they learnt/I learnt about them (Warning - some content may be objectionable to absolute RWDBs):

- Darp brought the Darpette and his half-mullet haircut. He really seems to like it.
- Tim looks a lot like my friend TJ, and brought Pearl (I'm sure she had a different name that I've forgotten) who had stitches, well done tattoos and helped me win a game of pool.
- Fulmination Dave has long hair, and brought the digital camera which brought the photos of the evening.
- Antony Loewenstein is spending his $250 from the Iron Blogger challenge on left-wing political causes - Tim Blair, who gave him the money, would surely not approve.
- Ausculture Jess thinks all right-wingers are eeeeeeevil. This was a point she brought up multiple times during the night.
- Glen Fuller is good at pool - although he did end up losing a few games. He's kind of a big guy.
- This guy (another forgotten name - Shaun?) has a very, very unhealthy obsession with Peter Andre. As a result of that and some other highly mean person, about 16 Peter Andre songs were on the video Jukebox during the night.
- Tim Lambert is old enough to be my father, and noticably shorter than me. But he bought me a couple of drinks, so he's ok in my books. He also found out that right-wingers aren't always rabid bat-winged monkeys (amazingly enough).
- Cam Sexenheimer (no, not his real name) is a left-wing death beast, who wanted Tim Blair to come so Tim could photographed kissing Cam. If you understand that, maybe you'll understand Cam - he's a little on the weird side, but we bridged the ideological divide while picking videos together (no Peter Andre).

Finally, we get to Dreadnought, whose evening was cut short due to discrimination against his Jewish partner, who was not able to wear a religious symbol. An utter shame - read the story, and then let the RSL know.

Anyway, in case you're wondering what's going on, with yours truly being the only conservative - fear not. Here is this very blogger proving his allegiance to the conservative cause by smacking down Darp:

But in future, I'd like to avoid resorting to violence, so hopefully for the next Grogblogging, we'll be able to get more conservatives along (and not have Dreadnought-styled incidents).

Others blogging on the night:
- Fulmination Dave has photos.
- John from The Open Mind was also there.
- The Bed And Breakfast man shares his thoughts.
- Bourbon Bird looks at some of the notable happenings.
- Misha assures us she is not a communist.
- Glen Fuller has more.

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