Bottom of the Barrel Movie Reviews: Cannibal Ferox

I am going to try and start a new, at least semi-regular feature. Many previously banned movies are now getting released uncut here on dvd, and as a fan of all shitty horror films I am glad to see that I will now (legally) be able to obtain many of these shlockers, video nasties, and assorted crimes against cinema.

Let it be known that I, personally, fully support breaking the law and getting a hold of this “banned” material when it intrudes on my rights as a consenting adult in a free society to make choices on what I deem acceptable to watch and play.

Anyway, one of these newly released uncut features is Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal Ferox (also known as Woman from Deep River, meant to cash in on his first cannibal splatter-fest Man from Deep River.) “MAKE THEM DIE SLOWLY!” is the tag line for it and the cover proudly proclaims “BANNED IN 31 COUNTRIES”

You might think that is not such a great achievement but the film is not likely to achieve anything else of note and I guess they needed something to generate interest in it.

The (what passes as a) plot of this film involves something about a drug dealer ripping off some mobsters in New York and heading to the jungles of South America and enslaving the local cannibal tribe to pan for emeralds in the river (even though the cover says he is using them to harvest cocoa leaves - yes, cocoa leaves), and some worthless leftist anthropological academic hag looking to “prove” than cannibalism is a myth and was the result of racist white men wanting to demonise the poor natives who only want to stand around smelling flowers or some such.

The main (only?) reason for this film is to show off the blood and gore. Exploitation cinema at is best – or worst – depending on your point of view. Lots of intestine munching, penis chopping, titty trauma, de-skulling, and brain eating (Hannibal eat your heart out).

As a film (from both a technical and artistic viewpoint) it is on par with most Italian cannibal and zombie films, i.e. it blows. Bad acting, horrible dialogue, a god-awful soundtrack from a really bad video game, and just a general low quality standard of everything as evidenced by the image below:

Who knew cannibals used nails?

But what struck me most about this film was how accurate it portrays the utter delusional mindset of leftists (completely unintentionally I am sure.)

The leftist hag boldly proclaims “Cannibalism, as an organised practice in human society does not exist and historically has never existed” and off she goes to the Amazon to prove it. Typical leftist science there. Start out with a belief and then try and twist the evidence to prove it.

After the cannibals have taken them all hostage and tortured and killed some of the party, and thrown the two women into a cage, we have the leftist hag moaning to her fellow captive (who also helped the drug dealer in the mistreatment of a couple of natives) about how it is all their fault (white people) that the natives became cannibals because the drug dealer mistreated and tortured and killed one of them, even though it is clear that they were cannibals beforehand and always had been.

Notice the typically leftist racist undertones – first is the belief that cannibalism is an evil that can only be the result of white man lies (because we all know that evil only ever comes from white people – look at the Left talk about the terrorism - and I am sure she, and all other leftists would say the Jooooos!! have something to do with it as well), but then she also assumes that the natives are just stupid savages who will automatically descend into cannibalism – as if that is the only way they can deal with things. Which again is further evidenced in current Leftist thoughts about minorities and how they are too stupid to make it on their own merit and need to remain indebted to their 'massas' in the Democratic party to get by.

So which is it you racist leftist hag? Is it your racist assumption about the white man inventing cannibalism to demonise the natives (of which she of course offers no proof) or is it your racist assumption about the natives being nothing more than reactionary savages who have no choice over their behaviour?

But of course we know which it is since cannibalism was not invented by the white man and the natives in this movie are in fact cannibals.

And then comes the stupid and cowardly leftist catch cry “Violence never solves anything” though in the film I think it was “Violence only breeds violence”, indicating that nothing else will come out of it and thus nothing will be solved by it.

Let’s examine that. The drug dealer tortured and killed one of the natives, so the others tortured and killed him and ate him. Guess what, their problems with him are now solved. Looks like their violence towards him did solve the problem.

But how the film best captures leftists at their most worthless is after the leftist hag escapes and gets back to New York.

Remember that she went to the jungle to prove that cannibalism doesn’t exist. This was the subject of her doctorate dissertation. Clearly she is wrong and has been (since the cage) trying to rationalise it and twist the world to her own thoughts on how it should be (i.e cannibalism doesn’t exist unless caused by white people) instead of accepting how it actually is.

And then, to further illustrate just how worthless leftists are, not only does she refuse to tell the truth about how she was 100% wrong in her assumption about cannibalism and accepts the doctorate, she also dishonours the memory of those who travelled with her, including her own brother, by going along with the story that a couple of the cannibals told to the rescue team looking for the drug dealer and this hag and her crew, namely that they were on the river, their boat overturned and they were all eaten by crocodiles.

As I said earlier, I am sure all this is quite unintentional as clearly the director had no other goal than to shock audiences with blood and guts and violence – and it shows - but it is there nonetheless.

And if you intend to check out this film, be sure to have copious amounts of alcohol. It makes it all the more enjoyable.

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