High Time.

You know, I have absolutely no problem with this. In fact, we should be doing it far more frequently.

Identity fraud swoop

AN alleged ringleader of a major identity fraud ring may have his citizenship revoked under a fresh crackdown on Australian citizenship bestowed on former migrants, refugees and dual-nationals.
Good. And high time we made it clear, too. Why do I think we should be doing this? Because we can. Citizenship that is bestowed is a supreme privilege, not a right. After all, had their criminal nature been known in the first instance, that citizenship wouldn’t have been granted (in fact, they wouldn’t even have been given a visa). And I can’t think of a more powerful deterrent, when it comes to the potentially criminal elements we may have mistakenly bestowed citizenship upon.

Australian Federal Police's Identity Crime Taskforce charged the 39-year-old New South Wales factory hand with 15 counts relating to forged Commonwealth documents in March. The scope of the AFP investigation has identified Victorian suspects among up to 1000 people involved in the supply of fake identities.
Well, if you’re found guilty as charged, then bye, bye, crim’. And good riddance. Who needs migrants like this, anyway. They cause misery and harm, whilst also robbing our community of the opportunity to grant someone who is potentially far more deserving and valuable a place in our migrant intake. Of course the Lefties will shriek ‘racism’ (no matter what the ‘race’ involved actually is, which makes that particular howl just more of the usual LW BS), and argue that this line of reasoning relegates migrant citizens to some second class status (as in, one that can be revoked). The answer here is actually very simple: ‘So what’. If they’re convicted of a crime (especially a serious one), we should reserve the right to kick them out, and for all the reasons already cited.

The Federal Government revoked the Australian citizenship of a man in an unrelated case in February, the first time it has used its powers in 12 years and only the sixth time in history.
Twelve years? What the hell took you so long? And only the sixth time in history?

Opposition citizenship spokesman Joe Ludwig believes the authorities may be looking at a number of people whose criminal behaviour allows the Government to revoke their newly bestowed Australian citizenship, which could lead to their eventual deportation.
And your point is precisely what, Joe?

Mr Ludwig said he was seeking to know whether the Chinese-Australian involved in the alleged identity fraud may also face citizenship revocation.
We still don't seem to be getting Joe's point, do we - but don’t worry – he’ll get there. And when he does, right on cue, it’ll be Labor to the rescue! Good on you, fellas. Keep it up. Just give us yet more confirmation of the fact that acting in Australia’s best interests is the furthest thing from your minds (and another reason to keep you away from Government for yet another four years).

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