What is a Visa?

It’s a bond of trust. A contract, if you will, that states, clearly and unequivocally, that yes, you can visit our country, you can see your friends, join with your family, if they are here. But at the end of that agreed period, that trust period, you must return home . . .

So what is it when someone who has entered into this contract, this bond of trust, then subsequently decides to renege? What really happens when this person decides that, no, even though they fully understood these terms when their passport was stamped (after they had agreed to the terms in the first place), they don’t want to return home, they don’t want to abide by the terms of that contract. What is it, exactly, when they decide they want to stay, invited or not?

It’s a breach of faith. It’s a tearing up of that contract of trust. It’s an act of hurling that agreement, that bond, in our faces, as a Nation. It’s an act of spitting on the goodwill that had us grant that visa in the first place.

So what do I think we should do about it? I think we should curtail the granting of these visas immediately!

Mum of another 3-year-old wants out

The mother of a three-year-old child born in immigration detention in South Australia wants the same treatment for her child that former detainee three-year-old Naomi Leong has received.

And she was born in detention, why? Because you breached the contract of faith, dear lady, that’s why. You took that contract, and told us to stuff it.

Virginia Leong and her daughter Naomi, who was born in Sydney's Villawood detention centre in May 2002, were released from the centre on Monday on bridging visas after worrying psychiatric reports about Naomi.
Oh sure. A three year-old. What does any three year-old want? Mummy. That’s it. Nothing more. And mummy was there from minute one. Of course, mummy and child were able to leave at any time, as long as that departure included fulfilling the contract mummy entered into when our Nation granted her a visa in the first place. But no, that’s no longer good enough, and now we’ve been betrayed, thanks to the idiot, shrieking Left. We’ve been beaten into submission by a bunch of screaming fools. And so the floodgates open. . .

But the Yu family at the Port Augusta residential housing project, part of the detention system, believe there is little difference between baby Bonnie's case and Naomi Leong.

"I really sad because I'm not good mummy," Bonnie's mother, Yu Lia Xia, told ABC radio.
Damn right you're not! You’ve put your child into prison. Why? Because you wish to leave China? Well guess what – there are several million others who would like to leave China, too. So what gives you the right to jump the cue? Because we trusted you? As far as I’m concerned, this breach of trust is the one reason we should refuse you. It’s the one reason we should shove you on the next plane back home. Home to China, where I now think you most definitely belong.

"I can't give her anything. I want they give me new life (like) Naomi. All is the same. Only the country is different for Bonnie. They both in detention centre and they both born in detention centre. Mrs Yu said Bonnie had been incarcerated for too long and detention was not good for her. She never saw outside, never talk (to) a lot of people," she said.
And so the child here is being used as what? A moral club. A tool with which to beat us all about the head. An emotional baton, wholly encouraged by the Left, with which to blackmail us into allowing this person to stay. Why? Why should she stay? Merely because she wants to? Not good enough!

I, for one, am not swayed by this – and I’m not swayed on principle.

In fact, I’m appalled by the moral vacuum this entire situation inhabits, because of the fundamental betrayal of faith and trust that it represents.

We should not be rewarding this. And the government should not be swayed by the screamings from the leftist press. This person faces no threat. This person faces no trial of personal safety. This person is simply fleeing from personal circumstance; a 'refugee' of opportunity.

Sorry – no room for that, not when there are others, far more deserving. . .

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