Dithers; Campaigner & Caped Crusader

More evidence that Paul Martin is in campaign mode.
OTTAWA - The stakes were high, and so was the payout, as leaders of two Liberal governments sat down on Saturday to heal a festering wound in their relationship.

After almost nine hours of talking with Prime Minister Paul Martin, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty emerged with a $5.75-billion promise of additional federal support over the next five year

This is typical. At one time I actually admired and respected this man, back in his days as Finance Minister. My how we've come full circle. We've gone from slaying the deficit to blowing $1 billion on the overhyped and useless gun registry, $1 billion on the HRDC, who knows how many millions on AdScam in the name of federalism (ha ha - yeah there are still those who spout that crap), buying off Handsome Jack to the tune of $4.6 billion (see Socialists For Sale) and now promising Ontario voters an additional $5.75 billion albeit over 5 years. It appears as if Martin and his trained seals have suddenly discovered a bottomless money pit - how nice for them. And how nice for us when he spends us into oblivion faster than the NDP with a blank cheque. If you recall a few weeks ago Reg Alcock, in a pathetic attempt to scare Manitoba voters, (see Bully Tactics) charged that electing a Tory government could cost our province $1 billion in promised infrastructure money. Don't do yourself any favours you Martin lackey - Manitoba kicked Liberal ass in the last election and will do so again. You can take your little Liberal money bag and hit the road for we in the west can see right through you and Mr.Dithers. I hope Ontario voters aren't duped by these clowns again.

In a somewhat related story, Mr.Dithers has decided to send Canadian troops to Sudan.
OTTAWA - Canada is making plans to send peacekeeping troops to the war-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan by summer's end.

The head of Canada's military returned recently from meeting with leaders of the African Union peacekeeping force that Canadian units would support.

Canada has already marked $20 million in aid to the African Union, a continent-wide association of states that will lead peacekeeping in Darfur.

On the surface this seems to be good news but dig a little deeper. Recall that little trip to Africa Mr.Dithers went on? Remember what he said at the time?
"The president [Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir] indicated to us that he was not able to control the Janjaweed - that in fact they were acting on their own. The point we made to him is we expected the Janjaweed would be controlled. Period. . . "

"I just simply said that it is a responsibility of government to essentially control those kinds of extraneous militia forces."

That was back in November! Where has Dithers been since then? How convenient to suddenly send troops to Africa in the wake of a potential election call right around the corner. Paul Martin the liberator of the oppressed, the defender of freedom, the caped crusader. Uh-huh. Let's also not forget the fact that it was then Finance Minister Martin and Prime Minister Chretien who dumped $53 million into Talisman Energy - money that eventually wound up in the hands of the Janjaweed.

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