For sale: One French democracy, going cheap, barely used

It's difficult to understand the contempt that French President Jack the Knife has for his country and it's people. A looming vote on ratifying the EU constitution in France has seen various pre-vote polls emphatically denying it's approval by the French. So, in accordance with democratic principles, what would the duly elected government be bound to do? Acquiesce to the will of the people. No, if you are El Presidente of Francistan, you get to completely disregard what the dribbling masses have indicated to be their wish, and push on with your agenda regardless.

FRENCH President Jacques Chirac is expected to urge countries to vote on the European Union's constitution even if France rejects the charter on May 29 as polls suggest, Britain's The Times newspaper reported today. Mr Chirac would support moves to keep the constitution alive even after any "No" vote because France did not want to be seen to be blocking the European project, The Times reported, citing unnamed French diplomats.

That should be the cue for the French people to take up their knives and forks and storm the Palace. Eventually, the 'unnamed diplomats' will realise that being appointed and not elected does not make you any more important than your average voter. Just as the socialists demand, they know what is good for you, even if you don't know it yet. They will TELL you what is good for you and your country, and you'd better agree if you know what's good for you.

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