The Corby Verdict

She has been found guilty, they have sentenced her to 20 years and a fine of 100 million rupiah.

The judges dismissed around 70% - 80% of her evidence, I guess they bought everything the prosecutor gave them.

Fucking hell, if the prosecution said that Santa Claus exists they'll believe it.

This is really depressing.

Update -

Cop this, not only are her defense team going to appeal the verdict, the prosecution is also going to appeal the sentence, they want life, apparently the 20 years is too little. This fellow is a real piece of work.

From what I heard over the radio, the judges barking at her, I just wonder why these Indonesians bother with trials and prosecution and all that crap, why don't they just take her out the back and shoot her.

What surprises me is the attitude of Indonesians, I'm talking about the people in that country, it might be an Australian on trial, but it's their justice system, don't they stop to think it could be one of them on trial there, it's their system that one day they might have to face.

Lastly, anyone who goes to Bali or Indonesia after this is very very brave.

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