Changes in the wind. . .

There are one or two very overdue announcements; changes in the wind for AWH.

Firstly, Leigh Cartwright has agreed to come on board as one of the editors for our happy band. An excellent writer and researcher, Leigh makes a brilliant contribution to AWH as it is, and will play a huge part in some of the new directions we're thinking about (more on that in a moment). At the same time, due to heavy work (and other) committments, Sherry has decided to hang up her spurs, editor-wise. Sherry will still be contributing, I'm delighted to say, so we'll still be seeing her terrific posts. And I'd like to thank Sherry for all her help. She's been a brick.

On another front, we're planning on making some changes to AWH in the not too distant future - some new and improved features and designs, care of our resident coding guru (Leigh, of course).

We'll keep you all posted as we get closer to the event.

Happy reading.

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