Ban pit bulls?

The sale of pit bull terrier dogs will be banned, and new registrations outlawed, as part of State Government moves to eradicate the breed from NSW. But there are no new stronger powers to get tougher on owners of violent dogs which have attacked people and other pets.

Premier Bob Carr yesterday decided to introduce existing Queensland dog laws into NSW. It means that people who already own dangerous breeds are exempt from losing their pets. Mr Carr decided to act following an attack on five-year-old Jordan Wisby last Friday and another attack on an elderly man on Monday.

The new laws will cover "restricted breeds", which includes American pit bulls, pit bulls, Japanese tosas and South American fighting dogs. All current owners of these breeds will have to have their dogs desexed. Owners will also be outlawed from breeding, selling, giving away or acquiring restricted breeds.

A committee of veterinarians and scientists will see whether the bans could be extended to cross-breed dogs. Across NSW, there are 3300 registered pit bull dogs but only four Japanese tosas and South American fighting dogs. "The pit bull is a killing machine on a leash," Mr Carr said. "We want to breed these dogs out of existence."

Australian Pit Bull Terrier Club president Colin Muir said breed-specific bans failed because they did not deal with irresponsible owners.

Stephen Wisby, father of dog attack victim Jordan Wisby, 5, said the ban was good news.


MathewK -

I don't know much about dogs and prefer to keep dogs at arms length, dogs also feel them same way about me, I don't know why but we just don't get along, not all of them but about 50% of the dogs I have ever encountered tend to be hostile or indifferent to me. To be upfront, I don't own a dog, never have, so don't think that I'm all for killer dogs and therefore biased.

I'd like to see what your thoughts are on this. On the one hand, after having your arm chewed off by a dog, I'd think you'd want the damn things shot.

One commentator was saying why do we need these dogs, he was refering to pit bulls, German Sheperds, Rottweilers etc. in the same way that we don't need cars that can travel up to 300kmh. They both have a potential to kill people. So ban them all.

I think guns have already fallen victim to this theory in Australia. The only people allowed to have guns in this country seem to be the criminals.

I like cars and don't agree with the need to ban high performance cars, if everything comes down to the potential to inflict harm, why stop at cars. Your everyday kitchen knife can be turned into a killing implement, why the humble butter knife in the right hands, could kill.

If we ban fast cars, what about trucks, buses, trains, planes, lets all just start walking, that way there is less chance you can kill someone using your mode of transportation. Throw away the butter knife, out with the spatula, just bite off the bread and butter, throw that fat bird into the oven and wait for it to slow cook. Heck what about plates, ban that too, a broken plate can be used to inflict harm. Baseball bats, chains, hockey sticks, chop sticks, throw it all out.

In the case of guns, cars, dogs etc, there is no shortage of statistics and research to tell us how killers and owners had easy access to guns, cars and dogs, yet when last did we get a statistic telling us how many human beings on this planet have had access to guns, fast cars and killer dogs, yet live till the end of their days without actually using these to inflict harm on another person, apart from self defense.

Why is there not enough punishment for the irresponsible owners of these dogs, our society is endlessly regulated, can't do this, can't do that, cannot offend so and so, everything is right, nothing is allowed, yet there are little efforts at policing all these laws. If the owners of these dogs are not responsible, why not whip them in the town square, a hefty fine, take the dogs off them, why is the dog suddenly the problem, I understand that guns and cars and dogs are not exactly the same thing, dogs are living creatures and have a will of their own.

A car is not going to drive itself out and run over someone, a gun is not going to crack the safe and get out and go on a shooting spree by itself, but a dog can break out and attack someone. I don't think we should ban them, just put the onus onto the owner and enforce heavy penalties if the owner does not ensure the dog is confined properly.

Any thoughts?

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