The UN Standing-by! Helplessly. . .

Massacre relatives want compensation

HEARINGS began today in a compensation case against the Netherlands by relatives of victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre of Bosnian Muslims in the UN "safe area" assigned to Dutch peacekeepers.

Lightly-armed Dutch soldiers stood by helplessly in July 1995 as rampaging Bosnian Serb forces rounded up Muslims before summarily executing them in Europe's worst massacre since World War II. At least 7000 men and boys were killed.

Former Dutch Prime Minister Wim Kok's government resigned in 2002 to take responsibility for its shortcomings during the peacekeeping mission after a report condemned politicians and the military for sending Dutch troops on an impossible mission.

Mr Kok told Bosnians in 2002 they should blame Bosnian Serbs for the slaughter and not the Dutch. Two former Dutch ministers, including Mr Voorhoeve, also said in 2001 Dutch peacekeepers were not to blame for the massacre.
Of course, the poor old Dutch really are the victims here as well: afflicted with (highly infectious) ‘Spineless’ disease, a condition imposed on them by the UN. In reality, the Left’s idea of combat, it runs something like this:

Lightly armed, New Age ‘conflict resolver’ enters combat zone, and is immediately confronted by an oppressed (heavily armed) stooge of the Capitalist, Zionist conspiracy (aka, enemy soldier).

New Age conflict resolver: as per UN standing orders (so as to avoid any unnecessarily threatening behaviour) immediately drops UN-issue, French made, (unloaded) .22 calibre, environmentally friendly, non-sexist, non-racist ‘peace-keeping device’ (previously known as a ‘weapon’, but, due to overwhelming demand from Turtle Bay, and a majority vote of UN members, recently renamed so as to avoid offending other cultures, or prejudicing the outcome of any potential battle - oops, sorry - ‘unresolved conflict’- field dialogue).

‘We can talk about this!’

Capitalist stooge: silence, vague disbelief.
New Age conflict resolver: ‘Why do we have to oppress each other?’
Capitalist stooge: silence. Looks around for further hallucinations, then checks self for serious head wound.
New Age conflict resolver: ‘Oh no – war isn’t the answer.’
Capitalist stooge: silence. Realises self has not been struck in head by a mortar round or a large bat. Vague sense of disbelief returns. Starts looking for an ambush.
New Age conflict resolver: ‘Put your, uggh, ‘gun’ down, and we’ll start a dialogue’,
Capitalist stooge: silence. No hallucinations, no ambush. Wonders whether previous night’s drinking binge is to blame.
New Age conflict resolver: ‘Violence never solved anything.’
Capitalist stooge: silence. Now realises all is well with self, but maybe a crack Division of lunatics has just been encountered.
New Age conflict resolver: ‘Fighting each other won’t solve our problems. . .’
Capitalist stooge: silence. Thinks ‘bugger this’, takes aim with high-calibre, extremely powerful automatic weapon. . .
Ex-New Age conflict resolver: ‘U-g-g-g-g-g-g’.

Thud. . .

Conflict resolved!

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