If You Can't Take the Heat...

Oh my. Prime Minister Martin has a problem with the tone of debate in the House of Commons. He claims the lack of civility is turning Canadians off.
"I think that anyone who watches question period would walk away shaking their heads," Martin said Monday after signing a $137.3-million child-care deal with Nova Scotia.

"I believe it is turning Canadians off."

News flash!!! You know what has turned me off? This Liberal administration and it's role in AdScam among other things and not the Official Opposition whose duty it is to hold government accountable. If Stephen Harper gets a little snippy at times who can blame him? It was Martin who repeatedly refused to answer a simple question put to him in the House during QP. Despite numerous attempts to illicit an answer from the PM, Martin turned the tables by accusing the Conservatives of having a hidden agenda concerning health care! What? And people wonder why the gloves come off at times?!

He goes on to explain that the Tories have created a black mood in Ottawa.
The prime minister blamed the Conservatives for creating a black mood in Ottawa by referring to the ruling Liberals as "monsters" and accusing the government of playing politics with the lives of Tory MPs suffering from cancer.

Those kind of comments represent a "basic lack of civility and respect," Martin said.

"There prevails today a culture in Parliament in which reputations are casually smeared, and anger and personal insult are the rhetorical devices of choice."

Be very weary of the charges you casually fling about Mr.Prime Minister. There's a saying about people and glass houses. With respect to your claim that reputations are smeared I suppose one Sheila Copps would agree don't you think?

The bottom line is that this government is inept, arrogant and corrupt and lacks any basis on which to pass moral judgments about others. It is the PM himself who committed a great disservice by refusing to step down after last week's vote. If there is anyone who shows disdain and disrespect for Parliament it is Paul Martin and his trained seals, not the Official Opposition. The sooner we get rid of these clowns the better. By the way, don't let the kitchen door hit your ass on the way out.

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