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Back in October I posted about a French education report that was met with protest because it called for all French students to learn English.

Continuing with this theme I picked up on a story over at Moonbat Central which points to another French educational study concerning religious expression in French Schools.

The study written under the direction of France's inspector-general of education, Jean Pierre Obin was not originally released to the public but was leaked and found it's way to several internet sites including the above mentioned.

Orbin sent ten inspectors to examine 61 schools in 24 school departments, most of which were located in ethnically segregated neighborhoods. The inspectors found two consistencies in these schools: an increase in Muslim religious expression and an across-the-board denial, from classroom to regional administration, that the incursion of Islam into the classroom is creating serious problems for students.

Orbin found that Muslim students regularly boycott classes that concern Voltaire, Rousseau and Moliere, whom the students accuse of being anti-Islamic. The students also protest the Crusades and frequently deny the Holocaust. Orbin's report cites Muslim students' refusal to use the "plus" sign in mathematics because it looks like a crucifix; Muslims boycotting class trips to churches, cathedrals and monasteries; and forcing wholesale changes in school lunch fare to accommodate their religious and cultural practices. The report mentions a teacher who keeps a copy of the Koran on her desk for reference when controversial historical issues arise. Obin's investigators also found that most Muslim students refuse to participate in sports such as swimming, "the girls out of modesty, the boys because they do not want to swim in girls' water or non-Muslim water."

France's refusal to deal with an immigrant Muslim population which will not assimilate has led to an increase in anti-semitism within it's schools. Jewish children and those only thought to be Jewish are intimidated, harrassed and assaulted so much so that many Jewish students are forced into switching schools or hiding their identities.

But Jewish students are not the only ones suffering at the hands of an emboldened Islamic student body.

Predictably, the biggest losers in the schools where Islam has made inroads, are women. Female students are intimidated by young Muslim men assuming the role of religious police who forbid them to play sports, wear skirts or makeup and force them to wear traditional Muslim headscarves, even though official French policy forbids the wearing of headscarves in public schools. When called to the blackboard, some female Muslim students even put on long coats for fear of retribution from their male Muslim counterparts.

Obin's investigative team found that most female Muslim students were too frightened to tell them what their punishments would be if they disobeyed these unwritten rules.

According to the report investigators found that the schools which had the least amount of trouble were those which had implemented a zero tolerence policy towards offenders. This finding has led to the Obin report recommending a policy of "no compromise with Islamist demands" across the board.

It's hard to imagine that the French policy makers will agree to this recommendation without extreme and unrelenting pressure from the French citizenry considering that they wished to hide the report from the public to begin with.

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