Al-Qaeda suspect is hard to break

Intelligence officers who have been questioning Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the senior al-Qaeda suspect arrested last week, have cast doubt over claims by Pakistan's Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz, that the interrogation is "proceeding well".

Libbi, 28, who is said to be al-Qaeda's No. 3, had defied efforts to make him give details about its senior hierarchy, despite coming under physical pressure to do so, officials said on Saturday. More than a dozen low-key al-Qaeda targets were arrested in Pakistan last week thanks to information said to have been stored on Libbi's mobile phone.

One senior intelligence official said: "So far he has not told us anything solid that could lead to the high-value targets. It is too early to judge whether he is a hard nut to crack, or simply that he doesn't know more than he has told us.

"They have tried all possible methods, from the 'third degree' to injecting him with a truth serum, but it is hard to break him." Pakistan has ruled out his immediate extradition to the US, and denies that US agents are present at his questioning. An Interior Ministry official, Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema, said: "Our own agencies are investigating him. No one else is involved for the time being."

However, a government minister said British intelligence officials might be allowed to join the interrogation. "This would be done once we exhaust him completely and are satisfied that he is not preparing to commit a terror act in our country."

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MathewK -

I can understand why they would deny that foreign officials are involved in the interrogation of this fellow, I'm surprised all the left wing loonies and civil libertarians aren't marching in the streets, demanding his right to an attorney and phone call to wherever.

I'm not surprised that he has been hard to crack so far, these guys are not clowns or half wits, it'll take a long while to break these vermin, offering coffee and cake and adhering to faroff conventions aren't going to work. Just work him over slowly, bit by bit, much like a pig over the roast, leave out the apple though, we do want him to talk, eventually everyone cracks.

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