Asian Muslim condemns UK/US

A noted female asian Muslim has condemned the UK and US governments for it's treatment of detainees from actions related to the war on terror. Who is this brave soul? Why, it's Irene Khan, politically, culturally and religiously impartial head of Amnesty International.
Forgive me if you read a touch of cynicism in my remarks. This organisation has all the credibility of Newsweek and Dan Rather. It's annual report slams the USA for it's treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and calls it the "gulag of our times". Perhaps Irene needs to read Russia's political history in more detail. The conditions in Cuba are not even close to what Stalin's dictatorship created. Why even try the moral equivalence line? Equating Stalin and Bush and Hitler is fashionable, I understand, but come on, gulags?

Why not just come out and call them Nazi death camps? So it's OK for Muslim's to slaughter Christians by the hundreds of thousands in Sudan, but you flush one religious text down the shitter and IT'S WAR!

She said the US claimed to be promoting freedom in Iraq, yet its troops had committed appalling torture and had ill-treated detainees. She described Guantánamo Bay as "the gulag of our time". She said: "The US administration attempted to dilute the absolute ban on torture through new policies and quasi-management speak such as 'environmental manipulation', 'stress positions', and 'sensory manipulation'."

Of course, jihad videos of terrorist scum getting their rocks off filming infidels being beheaded slowly doesn't constitute human rights abuses. Not to this Muslim. Where is the outrage towards the countries preventing action being taken against the Sudanese government? That'd be Russia and China.

The US had described the situation as genocide, but nothing had been done, said Ms Khan. The UN was paralysed because of China's imports of oil from Sudan and Russia's arms exports to the country.
Does Amnesty International actually get into China or Russia? No, they go into the countries that willingly allow them free access to their societies, and sink the slipper in. I have one final question for Irene.

How's that woman's voting franchise thing going in your home country of Bangladesh? Is this two-bit festering shit-hole going to enter the modern era like those hated western democracies and allow women equal rights? Probably not, the place is a Muslim bastion after all. This excerpt from the Bangladesh Election Commission.

"7.4 What is needed to attain their extensive participation in exercising suffrage is to motivate them adequately through education while creating a reassuring environment in which female voters can come to the polling station and cast their vote without intimidation and fear."

Sounds like a fantastic place to live. If you are a Muslim male. Look in your own backyard first Irene.

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