Punish the victim..

The head of the Dutch wing of Medecins San Frontieres (MSF) has been charged with crimes against the Sudanese state over a report on rape in Darfur. The state crime prosecutor said Mr Foreman had failed to hand over evidence on which the report was based. The charity says it is confidential.

Pro-government militia in Darfur are accused of mass rape and killings, but the government denies complicity.

"He's been charged with crimes against the state by the government on the grounds that they didn't seem to have appreciated our report on rape in Darfur". Mr Foreman had said "medical privilege" and patient confidentiality prevented him from handing over documents requested by the authorities.

Another reason for respecting the information, Mr Prescott explained, was because women "made pregnant as a result of rape outside wedlock can be arrested by the authorities" in Sudan. He said the charity stood by its report, which he described as "accurate and truthful".

Sudan's state crime prosecutor said he had come to conclusion that the report was false.

The report - The Crushing Burden of Rape: Sexual Violence in Darfur - which came out in March, was based on the treatment of 500 women over a four-and-a-half month period in Darfur. It details nearly 300 of these cases, with several written up as witness statements, Mr Foreman said.

Rape is a sensitive subject for the Sudanese government. The government had always maintained that, as it runs contrary to Islam, rape is not taking place on the scale that numerous United Nations and international agencies have claimed.

Jan Pronk, head of the United Nations in Sudan, said he deplored the arrest.

Story from BBC News

MathewK -

I wonder if any groups will be protesting or rioting in the streets over this, I'll bet 'rape' is a sensitive subject for the Sudanese goverment, heck they still don't understand what all the fuss is over the genocide in Darfur. Offcourse they want the evidence of the mass rapes, find out who has been complaining, then finish them off.

It seems us fools in the west are the only few crazyies who believe there is some sort of campaign against the black Sudanese, so what if a hundred thousand are dead, there is no conclusive proof that they were killed by groups backed by the government. As far as the government in Khartoum is concerned, the so called refugees just moved to Darfur as part of the seasonal migration process, you know like the birds that fly north and south depending on the seasons, can't understand why all these aid groups are hanging around stirring up trouble.

So what if a few infidels are raped and killed, the Koran was flushed down some toilet by someone somewhere, death to the infidel!!

I wonder if the weak kneed UN will do any more than be 'deplored' by the arrest.

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