Democracy – Your Defenders are Here!

Good old Lefties, at it again in their tireless pursuit of, you know, protecting democracy and stuff (well, to be more accurate, protecting it from being accessed by the likes of nasty conservatives).
Lawmaker's son, 4 others charged in tire slashing

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The sons of a first-term congresswoman and Milwaukee's former acting mayor were among five Democratic activists charged Monday with slashing the tires of vans rented by Republicans to drive voters and monitors to the polls on Election Day.

The activists are accused of flattening the tires on 25 vehicles rented by the state Republican Party to get out the vote and deliver poll watchers Nov. 2.

Some Republican officials have criticized Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, a Democrat, for taking more than two months to bring charges.
I bet he did. After all, they were just out there, doing their bit to protect ‘democracy’ (or rather, democracy Lefty-style, which of course means you and I get to shut up and do what we’re told, like marching to the nearest Gulag).

McCann said FBI agents were involved in interviewing witnesses in four states: Georgia, Virginia, Maryland and New York. "We asked the FBI knowing that this probably wouldn't be their first priority," he said.

Rick Wiley, state GOP executive director, discovered the vandalism on the morning of Election Day.

"It was unbelievable that people could stoop this low in a political campaign," he said. "I figured it had to be someone from the opposition. But I didn't think someone on the paid (John) Kerry campaign would do this."
Really, Rick? I guess you can’t have been around for very long, then. It’s pretty standard practice for those on the Left, the very ones who spend their entire time accusing the other side of doing the same kind of thing (not that they ever seem to be able to provide much evidence of that, other than an awful lot of screaming and dung hurling).

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quoted sources Sunday as saying the five were paid staffers. Wiley didn't say whether the vandalism prevented anyone from voting, but said poll watchers were about two hours late.
What? You want more? Seems the Democrats certainly did. . .

Investigators Find Evidence of Voter Fraud in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A task force looking into potential voter fraud on Election Day said Tuesday that it found more than 200 felons voted illegally and more than 100 instances of people voting twice or using fake names and addresses. The investigators found hundreds of fraudulent votes in all and counted 4,600 more ballots than registered voters in Milwaukee . . . They also found ballots cast using the names of dead people.

Democrat John Kerry received more than 71 percent of the 277,000 ballots cast in Milwaukee in the presidential race. Kerry won Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes by about 11,000 votes.
Why, fancy that. What a surprise. I wonder why they didn’t just call the result before the polling booths opened (and saved us all the bother of that silly election). Of course, now we know where an awful lot of those votes for Kerry came from. . .

The review comes amid a partisan fight over plans to make voters show ID at the polls.
'Partisan fight’? Are these people kidding? A mechanism to try to prevent such blatant vote rigging?

And no prizes for guessing which side of the political fence is against the ID idea (or who thinks the idea is partisan, for that matter):

Both the GOP-controlled houses of the state Legislature passed bills this year that would have required ID. Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat, vetoed them. Now, Republicans want to amend the state constitution to require voter ID.

Doyle said Tuesday a voter ID requirement wouldn't have solved any of Milwaukee's Election Day problems, which he attributed to "bureaucratic mistakes, poor management and lack of training among the poll workers."
Okay, stop laughing. Old Doyley is quite right, though. ID’s wouldn’t have solved any of their problems – they would have started them! And all those ‘bureaucratic mistakes, poor management and lack of training among the poll workers’ old Doyley’s talking about? Just the usual Lefty double-speak for ‘we got caught fiddling the poll’.

Yep' - we can all sleep comfy, I reckon.

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