Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

So, another week, another day of doom in Australia. That's what the bleaters would have you believe. Here again is a day in the life of Australian politics.

Let's start at the top, or the fat, and see what the Federal 'alternative gummint' have to say for themselves today. Kym Beazley takes the message of a potential leadership challenge in the ruling government's hierarchy, and rambles on about loyalty to the party. I'd say people in glasshouses shouldn't make policy.

"BEAZLEY: The choice for the Liberals is Costello or disunity. Now, a fair dinkum Prime Minister cannot accept headlines like this (Quit or We Will Fight) coming through on a daily basis. A fair dinkum Prime Minister would call his Treasurer in and lay down the law and say, 'you're either loyal or your quit, one thing or the other'. It is a weak performance from this Prime Minister, he's showing now leadership. For him to be putting up at this crucial stage the development of national policy with this unseemly fight inside the Liberal Party over his job, he should either tell Mr Costello to go or Mr Costello to give him an unequivocal commitment to maintain his silence.

The Prime Minister is being turned into a lame duck Prime Minister with his lame duck status out there for people to see on a daily basis. [Ed: This counts for cogency in Bomberese]

Next week we're going to have the Federal Budget down. There'll be arguments over whether the Government's got the level of surplus right, some $14 billion taken out of the hide of taxpayers in this country. There'll be arguments about investment in infrastructure, investment in the skills that this nation needs to generate our next period of economic growth. These are crucial issues for the Australian people.

But the Prime Minister and his Deputy do not have their minds on this. Their minds are distracted by their unseemly struggle and their Government's mind is distracted by this unseemly struggle. The Australian people deserve better than this. Now, I'll ask my Shadow Treasurer to say a thing or two."

Lucky us. This unseemly struggle has me distracted, and I can't focus on my....budget? Next, everyone's favourite bumblers, the Australian Democrats. Today's leader, oops, former leader, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja begins her unprecedented mental acuity and giant intellect to the fore with this jibe at the parlous state of federal university funding.

"The Federal Government's refusal to improve the indexation of university grants to keep pace with cost increases must have been a major factor in the University of Newcastles decision to slash staff numbers. The impact of the Government's refusal, which has already cost the sector $586 million since 1997, cannot be under-estimated," said Democrats' Higher Education Spokesperson, Senator Natasha Stott Despoja.

Here's something. Must have been? Did the good Senator bother to contact Newcastle University, or have one of her staff ask for a statement of reasons why staff were axed. I can only hope it was the Womyn's Studies and Arts departments. Speaking of Senators who open their mouths prior to engaging brain, where's our favourite alternative lifestyler, Bob Down? It looks like Kerry Nettle gets to step to the plate today to serve it up Green-style. Come on Kezza, where's ya smackdown this week...

'Senator Nettle, 4th April 2005
Greens Senator Kerry Nettle today joined protesters outside the Prime Minister's office in Sydney to call for the release of Australian hostage Douglas Wood and the withdrawal of Australian troops from Iraq.

This morning freed Italian Hostage Giuliana Sgrena contradicted Foreign Minister Alexander Downer by encouraging public protests against the occupation of Iraq as an effective strategy to secure the release of hostage Douglas Wood.'

Holy crap! Commie crack-whore contradicted Dolly Downer? Who'da thunk that was going to happen? Continue, if you please, crazy Senator person.

"The Australian public took to the streets in massive numbers to oppose the invasion of Iraq. Now is the time to do the same to oppose the occupation and save Douglas Wood's life. The Greens will continue to call for an end to the occupation of Iraq just as we did prior to an Australian being taken hostage. It's vital that the world knows that the majority of Australians do not support Australia's presence in Iraq, or the kidnapping of civilians.

"The only sure way to end the violence in Iraq is for the foreign occupation of Iraq to end. It's quite wrong for the Foreign Minister to suggest that people ought not protest now that Mr Wood has been taken by a group calling for the withdrawal of troops. John Howard must be reminded that it was his decision to invade Iraq, not supported by the Australian people, that has led to the terrible mess we see in Iraq today and he must withdraw Australian troops."

What an ungodly mass of contradictions. 'the majority of Australians do not support Australia's presence in Iraq, or the kidnapping of civilians'. One must presume, therefore, that a MINORITY DO either support the troops in Iraq AND the kidnapping of civilians. I'm now confused, and so was Kerry whan she opened her mouth. Nothing this government does could possible be good enough for the Australian Greens. I'm staggered that so few people can make so much fucking annoying noise. And make absolutely no fucking sense whilst doing it. There's more, but yet again, the white noise is starting to become a little overpowering. Who else loves to bleat?

The Green Left Weekly. Australia's joint enviro-commie rag (I hope that's recycled paper hippie!) pisses and moans about the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism legislation shortly by the Federal Government when it takes voting charge of both legislative assemblies on the 1st of July this year.
Nothing I like better than seeing whinging little fucks not getting their own way, particularly when the reality is nothing like they are whinging about. Let's take a peek inside this putrid pusillanimous publication of peurile propaganda.

Thousands defend student unions - Fred Fuentes

In some of the biggest university student demonstrations seen during the last decade, thousands of students downed pens and poured into the streets on April 28 to protest the federal government’s attacks on student unions. Called by the National Union of Students (NUS), rallies were held across the country to opposed Coalition plans to introduce so-called voluntary student unionism (VSU).

[Ed: Whinging pricks, aren't they? So called morons.]

'Aimed at silencing some of the most vocal critics of the Coalition government, the proposed VSU bill will weaken student unions ability to defend students’ rights; and to provide the many services they currently do, such as childcare and subsidised accommodation. When the VSU legislation was introduced into parliament on March 16, it was met with demonstrations of hundreds across the country.

Jenna McConnochie, an organiser of the April 27 Wollongong protest, told GLW that “in a social and political climate of selfish individualism and greed, the government wants to smash the experience of collectivism, of community, of having a strong collective voice. They want to nip in the bud the experience, ideology and training ground for unionism and activism that student associations provide.'

No shit, dickhead. Imagine university students joining an association and handing over fees willingly? No? I bet you can't.

'The loss of student unions is just one more attack on higher education, with the overall aim of dehumanising, privatising and deregulating universities. Removing student associations, the primary vocal opponents to these attacks, paves the way for the unchallenged and systematic McDonaldisation of universities.'

Isn't that what Arts Degree graduates say when they finally get a job? 'Do you want fries with that...?' Next on the anti-gummint kicking team. Australian Council of Social Service. Economic whingers. Defenders of welfare. Todays screed focuses on the upcoming Federal Budget.

'400,000 people could have reduced payments and more penalties under proposed changes to welfare without increasing their chances of getting a job the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) said today releasing a new report on welfare reform.

"ACOSS is calling on the Government to deliver on its promises to get people back to work without making anyone worse off. This requires $2 billion worth of better education, work experience and supports to skill up the 1.5 million jobless Australians," ACOSS President Andrew McCallum said.'

Actually Andrew, I'd been led to believe that single mothers were going to be potentially compelled to get off the gravy train once the children had reached school age and time could be spared to become a productive member of society again. Then again, I'm a white, middle-class, well paid tax-payer. As part of the paternalistic hegemony, I'm bound by the dominant paradigm to complain about those welfare bludgers. Perhaps they know better than me. Oh look, let's see if I was heading in the right direction here.

'After years of economic growth, those who remain jobless are the most disadvantaged Australians. As detailed in the new ACOSS report, Welfare Reform: participation or punishment? (available on characteristics of these 1.5 million jobless people include:
· Around 60% of jobless parents, people with disabilities and long term unemployed people have no more than year 10 education (compared with 35% of all people of workforce age.
· 45% (700,000 people) who have been assessed by the Government as having disabilities.
· 30% (425,000 people) who are caring for children under 16 years.
· 43% of all Aboriginal people of workforce age are unemployed'

Yep. The report goes on to outline how without more money into education, the disadvantaged will be more disadvantaged (?). I know, like I said, I is just dumb tax-payer. Not government granted social researcher. Well that about wraps it for the main complainers on the plain. That has no rain. OK, I won't talk about how the government is also getting blamed for the continuing drought. At least, not in today's news.

That was another day in Australia's political life. I'm Chief Bastard.

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