Your assistance please

This evening I was listening to local radio station 96FM when I heard their 6pm news report.

One of the stories was about Vivian Alvarez, the Australian woman mistakenly deported to the Philippines. In it, Dictator Fellator Bob Brown was spewing some of his usual shit.

What I heard, I couldn't believe. And that is unusual given my utter contempt for Brown.

"Blah blah blah........ judicial inquiry into those concentration camps for refugees we call immigration detention centres" or something to that effect.

Yes indeed. Those detention centres where the illegals are given free food, free shelter, free medical care, and no doubt free access to tv, internet etc and where they are not tortured or gassed by their thousands, are concentration camps.

I have been scanning the 'net trying to find a report, transcript, audio bite, anything to confirm what I heard and have a permanent record of it.

Nothing is showing up as yet, though it did only occur today so there might be something tomorrow. If anyone is able to find something like that, then please let us know.

Many thanks.

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